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How to make women feel safer

This guide aims to teach men how to act to basically try make women feel safer anywhere on Earth. Women (unfortunately) haven’t found a way to quarantine men, so until then, men have a big responsibility to correct our gestures and behaviour to try rectify what we have been since the beginning of time.


In settled outdoor areas

The biggest problem that men have is to think that women’s sheer existence is an opportunity for coitus. This way of thinking isn’t only shocking, but very wrong. Women were not put on earth for our entertainment. So when you see one sitting alone in public or walking down the street, please understand it isn’t the perfect opportunity to hit on her. Leave her alone. Do not bother her, if she is reading a book, she wants to read it in peace. If she is chatting on her phone, she wants to do it in peace. Leave her alone.

In Public transport settings

I know, I know a lot of guys will say “hey, I’ve picked up a lot of women from that setting” that doesn’t make it right buddy. When she sits next to you and puts her headphones on (or not), you have to respect that she wants to mind her business, not yours. Do not disturb. You need to also understand there is a very thin line between eyeing someone and staring, staring is rude and it is incredibly uncomfortable if you are a perfect stranger so don’t do it.

In empty public areas

Like say you are walking in an opposite direction on an empty street, move to the opposite left or right (depending on which side the lady is walking) furthest to her while walking. This gives a reassurance that you want to keep your distance, which partially aids in making the lady feel somewhat safer. In those long entryways to public toilets, you don’t have a choice my guy; if it is just you and her, you might have to wait for her to enter first no matter how pressed you may be or until there is a considerable distance between you and her.

In confined spaces

The most common thing guys want to do when they want to hit on a lady is to try speak to her in a space a bit more private, if this means following her don’t do it. When she walks past you, don’t touch her, ever. That is disgusting. Again, don’t stare, just don’t; you might think you are flirting, but she might get extremely uncomfortable. Also, don’t be persistent, if you try an acceptable ice-breaker and she disapproves then let it go.

In more comfortable spaces

It is insane that we still have to teach people this. Being in a relationship with a woman doesn’t entitle you to her body. If she says no and you persist, it’s ABUSE. If she says no and you force yourself on her, it’s RAPE. If she says stop and you ignore and continue without her consent, it’s RAPE. If she says the relationship is over and you refuse, it’s ABUSE. If there is an argument, walk away, go cool off; losing your temper isn’t ever allowed. Beating a woman once is a lot like doing drugs once; you have a problem, seek help.  

It is believed one in three women have been raped. Magents, there is a high chance that you are a rapist, or a woman abuser and you are in denial. You are ill, seek help. More importantly, women abuse is not women’s problem; it is men’s problem. Stop overlooking your friend beating his partner, he is trash, and you are scum for ignoring it, you are at the bottom of trash. When a woman is being abused in public, as a man it is your business.

Let’s be better, so women can feel safe.

Featured by: Richard Ansdell // Source: commons.wikimedia.org

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