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Tsonga Winter Sex Song’s: Round 2 na Hangalasa na Nurse – (#TsongaSauce Alert!)

Vanhu vo tlhariha va swi tiva ku xirhami xi hluriwa hi ku badlelana na swakudya swo kufumela. Here are two hot tracks to help you spice up your sex life this winter;

HANGALASA – MUREKI feat. DJ Kenneth na Maelo

“A ku nandiha ka byala na minyuziki”

Hangalasa has decided to extend the Moreki wave with his own Tsonga Electro version, yerrr. Combination ya Hangalasa na DJ Kenneth has produced another hit, MUREKI will have a good run just like WA RILA N’WANA.

On the sex side of things, if u hava mali, you have no choice but ku ba puca yi voyamela tlhelo to defend against ku dyeriwa hi vo Moreki.

Ntumani wo Ehluta (Download Link)


Ku hava ku u ta ba one round u tlela while hearing Nurse a kha a ba xicele in the background. Nurse has delivered ‘the usual’ with TSHAMELA NKAMBANI, it’s another hit song on “lack of sex” by a Tsonga female artist. Vavasati va Vatsonga complain a lot about not getting sex, please maan, hi kombela ku wisa. The “Sex us Right” campaign has been going on for years, kasi how much SEX is enough for a Tsonga woman?  

“Chukela ra wena ri tshama ri gonyini, a wu chovhi na ku chovha la kaya”

Ntumani wo Ehluta (Download Link)

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