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#TsongaSauce Alert: Download new 2017 Mr Bow album – Mr. Romantic

Mr Bow’s new album, Mr. Romantic came out on the 3rd of June 2017. Mr Romantic is a 12 track Marabenta album, mainly about love and marriage. On Guilhermina, Mr Bow discusses the impact of recession in Mozambique and the struggle of manhood using a love song.

Mr. Romantic is a compilation of Mr Bow’s hit singles from 2015 and the other half of the album is new songs. Meu Assunto and Thank You Jesus did not make the album, and at one point we were sure Meu Assunto was the lead single of Bow’s new album.

Mr. Romantic is a classic album and its songs will continue to be timeless.  

Mr Bow is about to eat big time with this album, songs like I’m Ready, Nitikelelile, Ainda Vais Me Amar na Maria Rosa are going to be on demand just like the other older hits on his Mr. Romantic. Mr Bow is a business man in music; he makes music for his markets (wedding, church & upper-class) and he does not miss, all his songs are radio hits. Mr Bow is dominating Marabenta and Mozambique for a reason, he knows what he is doing and it makes sense why he surpassed Ta Basily.

Mr Bow will continue to be highest earning Tsonga artist of this decade and the number one cross-over Tsonga artist of this decade.    

Mr. ROMANTIC Track List:  

  1. I’m Ready
  2. Nitiketelile (Ni ti khetelile)
  3. Guilhermina
  4. Amor (feat. Jah Prayzah)
  5. Nitafa Nawena (Ni ta fa na wena)
  6. Dance for Me (feat. Yuri Da Cunha)
  7. The Way You Do (feat. Lizha James)
  8. Ainda Vais Me Amar (feat. Edmazia)
  9. My Number One
  10. Akuna Munwane (Acoustic) // (A ku na mun’wane)
  11. Maria Rosa
  12. Bowito

Download Mr. ROMANTIC ya Mr Bow on:  Button text


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