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Matimu, VIV Variety

Khume wa Tinyeleti ta Vutsonga tifikelela 200 Young South Africans ya Mail & Guardian 

Phepha-hungu ra Mail & Guardian ri tlangela vantshwa va 200 lembe na lembe, hi xikongomelo xo kulungela mintirho na vutshila bya vantshwa vo hlawuleka va tiko ra Afrika-Dzonga.

“We have chosen these 200 young South Africans for their feats of brilliance as individuals, yes, but we have also chosen these wonderfully talented, resourceful, caring people because they remind us that all is not lost. They remind us that the pursuit of a better world is never in vain. Mostly, these young people remind us that we are not so alone in the world.” – Khadija Patel, Editor-in-chief, The Mail & Guardian

Eka nxanxameto wa lembe ra 2017 wa 200 Young South Africans wa Mail & Guardian, ku na Vatsonga va khume ku pfa eka swiyenge swo hambana-hamba. Kambe a hi na xitiyiso xo ku na Vatsonga va khume ntsena, hikuva ku na swivongo swo yelana na swa Xitsonga.

Eka Vatsonga lava va khume, Vankomati na Valoyi hi tona tinxaka leti ti nga na Tinyeleti to hlaya ta Vutsonga.

Hi leti Tinyeleti ta Vutsonga ku huma eka 200 Young South Africans ya Mail & Guardian;

Musician / Poet / Fashionista

“She was in the US as a college student, and that experience made her feel more African and saw her return more mature and ready to be herself and to embrace all that she is. As part of that, she is determined to fight the marginalisation of her people by promoting the Tsonga language and culture.” — Lesley Stones

Ntukulu wa Vutsonga, hi tinyungubyisa hi wena!



Gender activist

“Ntokozo Yingwana (31) is a gender, sexuality and sex workers’ rights activist. As a feminist has dedicated her life and work to fighting gender and sexuality biases. She consults for the Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce (Sweat), the African Sex Worker Alliance (Aswa), and the Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP). In 2015, she was invited by the English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP) to speak about decriminalisation at the House of Commons (England’s parliament)” — Aaisha Dadi Patel

Yingwana ya mavala ya vumunhu, Hosikati!

Political studies lecturer, University of Cape Town

“Despite a firm belief in the notion of character over accolades, Ndlovu has already achieved so much. She has won numerous awards, including a Carnegie Global Change Award and being named a Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa research fellow. She has an MA (cum laude) in international relations from the University of the Witwatersrand, for which she won the School of Social Science Research Award, the Feroza Adams Award and a University Council Scholarship.” — Linda Doke

Hulukati, hi mi tivisa sweswo Vankomati!

Chemistry lecturer, University of Johannesburg

“Dr Banothile Makhubela is an extraordinary academic, leader, scholar and scientist with a truly exceptional portfolio. She is a senior lecturer at the department of chemistry at the University of Johannesburg, has a PhD from the University of Cape Town, and supervises, trains and mentors postgraduate students. She contributes ground-breaking research and has received numerous awards, both locally and internationally. To date, she has 10 prestigious scholarships, fellowships and grants — and 15 publications.” — Tamsin Oxford

Murozwi Mukuru, Khalanga! Ntukulu wa Gwambe, halala!

Co-founder, Lawgistics Legal Consultancy

“When I qualified as an attorney I had a gnawing feeling that there had to be a better way to practice law, outside of the traditional law firms,” she says. “I began my research and found a few consultancies that I did some work with and decided to establish Lawgistics Legal Consultancy in 2014, with my dad as the co-founder.

The consultancy’s focus areas are the mining, energy, construction and logistics sectors, where it offers health and safety, commercial, labour, environmental and regulatory law expertise. It provides training on all the areas of expertise and also has a very good company secretarial division.” — Kerry Haggard

Malungana, Mbhetsa! Hi tinyungubyisa hi mintirho ya n’wina.

Research specialist, Human Sciences Research Council

“Makelane has authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed journal articles, and has presented in national and international conferences. She has been recognised by the Academy of Science of South Africa as one of the top five young South Africans in chemistry and has been included in the 400 young scientists from 76 countries selected to participate in 67th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2017 in Lindau, Germany. The event recognises outstanding students, graduate students and post-doctoral students under 35 years of age who are conducting research in the field of chemistry.” — Tamsin Oxford

Nkuna, Munhlave, Mbai ya ku xonga! Muhluri!

Founder and director, Lonwabo Lwesizwe

“He co-founded and directs Lonwabo Lwesizwe, a non-profit organisation which gives young people a platform via which they can develop their skills, keeping them away from harmful elements on the streets. It also assists hundreds of underprivileged children with clothing, blankets and food parcels through its “1000 Kids 1000 Smiles” initiative. Another programme, #IAMAWOMAN aims to restore the dignity of women, by creating platforms through which they can express themselves regarding social issues they face “I feel that it’s better to give than to receive and that a giving heart is a stronger heart. It makes me feel better about myself if I can help someone who doesn’t have or is less privileged than what I am currently,” he says.” — Fatima Asmal

Valoyi, mulwi wa tinyimpi, khomisa sweswo Hosi ya Vutsonga.

Member of KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Legislature

“Having joined the Democratic Alliance Students Organisation (Daso) at Rhodes University, Gumbi became part of the DA Young Leaders Programme, leading the largest Daso branch at the time. In the 2011 local government elections, he was elected to the eThekwini Metropolitan and worked in human settlements, continuing with this focus when he was later elected to the provincial legislature during the 2014 national provincial elections.” — Linda Doke

Moyana, Mundzawu wa mbilunene.


Senior data scientist, CSIR

“Vukosi Marivate is a senior data scientist at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and has a keen interest in the use of data and machine learning algorithms to solve societal and public challenges. He leads a CSIR Data Science team that focuses on creating and using machine learning and artificial intelligence to extract insights from data. “I became interested in computers after an afternoon visit to the Morekolodi Primary School computer lab, in Mmakau village,” says Marivate. “In later years, I noted the use of computers at my parents’ medical practice to manage patient data and do administrative tasks, but it was through interactions with one of my uncles, an electrical engineer who worked in research using computers for a large diamond company, that I learnt that they could be programmed to do specific tasks. This gave me an appreciation that there is more to computers than just document creation, games or data input, but that data and algorithms can be used to solve challenges.”” — Kerry Haggard

Sambo ra Ndlopfu, Munkomati, Tihosi! Avuxeni!


Lecturer: Integrative Biomedical Science at the University of Cape Town

Dr Hlumani Ndlovu is a lecturer in Integrative Biomedical Science at the University of Cape Town, doing research into diseases that impact South Africans and Africans as a way to solve some of society’s most pressing problems. “My special area of focus is on understanding the factors that cause tissue inflammation and damage using tuberculosis and drug-induced liver injury as models of tissue pathology,” he explains. “Through this work, I hope to identify factors that trigger excessive tissue damage and find ways to target these factors with repurposed drugs as an adjunctive therapy, in conjunction with standard treatment regimens.” — Tamsin Oxford

Mathye-nkulu, Munkomati, tirhani mi ya emahlweni.

Hi teto Tinyeleti ta Vutsonga ta 200 Young South Africans ta Mail & Guardian.

Mintshaho na swinepe swi pfa eka – http://200ysa.mg.co.za

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