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Tsonga Sauce Alert – Limpopo Roots, C-SIDERS LIFESTYLE & DMS Music ZA

New Week. New Trends.

Eka vhiki leri, hi mi khomeli;

  1. LIMPOPO ROOTS feat. N’WADADA – Yooo Mhane

Kambe hi yi vitana yini House leyi? Whatever it is called, Limpopo Roots is good at it, and they always come out at the right time. Limpopo Roots hardly chases the peak seasons, va hlomuka hi nkarhi lowu game yi lavaku risimu ro cinisa.

Ntumani wo ehluta #1 (Click to Download) or  Ntumani wo ehluta (Click to Download) #2


Tihosi ta Magelegele make interesting Hiphop, their topic selection and treatment is unique, element ya vutandi (rural) makes C-SIDERS stand out. The Malamulele duo has been releasing hits through #CSIDEFridae, and Gugu is one of them.

Ntumani wo ehluta (Click to Download)

  1. DMS MUSIC ZA feat. Mostly B – Madjozi nkatanga

Another Sho Madjozi inspired song! The Tsonga Hiphop fraternity can’t get enough of Sho Madjozi, this is the 5th song I have heard about Sho Madjozi. Handle ka obsession ya Maya, DMS is another interesting Tsonga Hiphop act, easy on the ear and makes feel good hiphop.

Ntumani wo ehluta (Click to Download)


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