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FanaThePurp talks to Hangalasa & Makhongela on new album and management deal

We reached out to The King of Underground Tsonga Music, Hangalasa, and spoke about his new album and the new management deal he has na Makhongela, which will result in Hangalasa’s first commercial album.

Hangalasa and Makhongela both confirmed that SWI FANA HI TA FA (album) will be repackaged and released in August 2017.

Hangalasa confirmed that Xisuti 2 is getting airplay on Munghana Lonene FM, which is surprising, Xisuti 1 did not enjoy airplay because it was said it is “dirty”. Anyway, Makhongela shared that MLFM is open to suggestions when it comes to categories for Xitsonga Music Awards; the Best Xitsonga Producer is a result of Joe Shirimani’s suggestion.

Hi lowu mbhurisano wa hina na Hangalasa na Makhongele;

Ntumani wo ehluta (Click to Download) Interview with Hangalasa

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