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Mbhurisano wa hina na Mash Sarila hi riendzo ra yena ra le USA

Mash Sarila i nsini ya Mutsonga yo endla Afro-pop, Rnb na Hiphop hi Xitsonga na tindzimi tin’wani. Hi ve na nkateko wo burisana na Mash Sarila eku vuyeni ka yena etikweni ra valungu;


VIVMAG: Xana u vuye rini etwikweni ra Trump? / When did you come back from USA?

MASH SARILA: “Ni vuye hi ti 3 July 2017”

VIVMAG: Xikongomelo xa riendzo a ku ri yini? / What was the reason behind the trip?

MASH SARILA: “I went there on a trip city cultural exchange tour, where I did New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta.”

VIVMAG: Va ku amukeli njhani? / How was the reception? 

MASH SARILA: “Music is a universal language. The reception was great and I was amazed at how they loved my use of our very own Xitsonga language in my music.”

VIVMAG: I famba-fambi miganga yihi ya eUSA? / Which places did you visit?

MASH SARILA: “New York (Brooklyn, Times Square), Los Angeles (Hollywood and Beverly Hills) and LA live Centre.

VIVMAG: I yini i nga xi dyondza eka riendzo leri? / What did you learn from this trip?

MASH SARILA: “That our culture and heritage is our true wealth. It makes us stand out and special from everyone. And most importantly I learnt to believe more in both my craft and myself.”

VIVMAG: Hi twa mahungu-ndlela yo wa tlhelela e USA nakambe, xana i ntiyiso? / Is it true you are going back to the USA soon?

MASH SARILA: “Yes. I am invited to perform at the fest Africa 2017 hosted in Chicago, USA. On the 12 August.”

VIVMAG: Hi nga langutela yini ku suka ka Mash Sarila? / What can we expect from Mash?

MASH SARILA: “My album will drop on November 2017. I will be pushing my classy village king merchandise and also do motivations to high schools pushing our culture to the youth. I am the new ambassador of the American brand #ThankGodImFocused. I will be releasing my American collaboration song titled “Extraordinary world” featuring King Malachai. I will be releasing the Mash Sarila documentary showcasing my hustle in the industry and showing parts of my USA tour.”

VIVMAG: Rito ro pfala?

MASH SARILA: “Rito ro pfala… People need to learn to appreciate all that they are cos it’s the only thing that they have and that thing is what makes them special. Americans want to be used to us when we want to be like them.”

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