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Album review ya Nurse Matlala’s new international album – Tshamela Nkambani

Nurse Matlala, Hosikati ya Tindzimu, i humesi album yintshwa ya 2017, TSHAMELA NKAMBANI; the album has been released in South Africa, France and Germany (16 June) and on the 30th of June (2017), it will be released in Australia and Japan. Nurse Matlala’s management confirmed that the official CD launch of TSHAMELA NKAMBANI will be around mid/end of July at Palms, Soweto (Chiawelo).  Overseas, Nurse’s tour will begin in August or September (dates not yet confirmed), Nurse will spend 3-4 days in each country (Germany, France, Australia and Japan) doing 2-3 promo performances.

Hi lowu nhlelo wa hina wa TSHAMELA NKAMBANI;

When the name Nurse Matlala comes up, you think – High Energy, Fun, “Powerful Voice” and KFC (for some odd reason), however, TSHAMELA NKAMBANI is an album full of complaints. Nonetheless, the keys on TSHAMELA NKAMBANI are on a level of their own, Steven Makhongela’s ndzhumba style is very lively. TSHAMELA NKAMBANI is important to the culture, and for one main reason, Comrade Xigevenga’s feature (RIP to the Legend); the timing couldn’t be any perfect, and the song is a hit to top it off. The Comrade Xigevenga feature is dope and exciting, well done to Nurse and her team for this out of the box idea.

N’wananga feat. Comrade Xigevenga

A powerful song which sets a tone the rest of the album cannot match up; however, this could’ve been avoided if Kokwani was track 2. On N’wananga, Nurse switches between Xitsonga and Shona as she pours out her pain. This is Nurse Matlala at her best; this is the Nurse who kills features.  

N’wananga is going to perform well on Munghana Lonene, it’s deserving of the airplay. N’wananga is reason enough to buy album ya TSHAMELA NKAMBANI.    

Ice Tropez feat. Collen Sambo

This song is worthy of being a remix, it sounds like Tshamela Nkambani (single), so making it a remix makes it a super-hot remix and adds a new layer to Tshamela Nkambani. Ice Tropez as a remix would collect downloads if it was made free for download, its catchy and trendy; by adding “remix” in brackets, it changes the experience of the song.

Tshamela Nkambani (single)

What’s a female Tsonga album without a “We need more sex” song? Tsonga women love complaining about sex in music and in public, very ungrateful if you ask me. We do a good job as Tsonga men, but vo sathani are never satisfied. Tshamela Nkambani is a hit, and it looks like it will do rounds a byaleni na le tikhombeni.

Nave Xisuti feat. Khalanga    

Perfect follow up to Tshamela Nkambani! Nave Xisuti will become the biggest song on this album, it’s the biggest dance hit on this album. Nave Xisuti is going to be big on the streets, “ra limaza” – they aint ready ka Andrew na le ka Nkovani.  Nave Xisuti is Nurse Matlala jumping in on the Xisuti wave and unlike Hangalasa copy kats, Nurse and Khalanga spit fire on Nave Xisuti.

Vo khazi va Game (bad bad’s) will definitely appreciate Nave Xisuti!    


New age traditional artists (ndzhumba) love making sad songs on beats that make you want to dance. It does not make sense dancing to a song that speaks about losing a loved one to witchcraft. Kokwani is a very dark and emotive song and ra ba (its banger) – so does one dance or reflect?

New Age producers need to learn from Dr. Thomas Chauke, H. W Makhuvele, and Banda Six on how sad music is made.

Dyiwa Dyela

This is those sing-alongs that just work a byaleni, risimu leri ri na vanhu va rona; Dyiwa Dyela is an anthem. Dyiwa Dyela sounds like a calm version ya Zorro Magoveni, Cina. Nurse did the hook ya Cina, so it makes sense…

The rest of the songs were not good enough for public release. The remixes are super good, remix ya Touch (N’wamavuya rixile) is actually better than the original song. All in all, TSHAMELA NKAMBANI has 6 hit songs and 3 dope remixes.

TSHAMELA NKAMBANI is the best Xitsonga female album of 2017 so far.   

Download Nurse Matlala’s interview on Munghana Lonene breakfast show, Phaphama, talking about Tshamela Nkambani;
Ntumani wo Ehluta (Click to download) Recorded by Steven Makhongela


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