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5 Tsonga rappers as good as Sho Madjozi

Sho Madjozi is not the first Mutsonga to rap in Xitsonga; nevertheless, she is the most impactful Tsonga rapper to ever do it (to date). Sho Madjozi has been in the game for less than a year and she has put on ririmi na bombo ra Xitsonga on mainstream consumption / rotation through rap and fashion. Sho Madjozi doesn’t even have a Xitsonga Hiphop song of her own or the best Xitsonga rapper, but she is the biggest Xitsonga rapper in South Africa.

There is no perfect time for Tsonga Hiphop / Rap to re-establish and solidify itself than now. If we could go Mabala Noise / Ambitiouz Records on the industry and extend on wave ya Sho Madjozi, the following Xitsonga rappers would be on our dream team;

GY GEE (Giyani)

GY GEE has multiple flows, and his winning flow is when he sings his raps. GY GEE’s music is clean and  easily appealing to a variety of young people. GY GEE can easily be our Emtee with the right resources.


This duo does village inspired Tsonga Trap. C-SIDERS have a lifestyle element to their music, they are true to where they come from, and how they rap about their world is refreshing and catchy. Tr3ple Phashash is the dopest Xitsonga Hiphop project out right now.  


Mantshembos does Kasi rap in Xitsonga and its authentic (true to Giyani). Baby Bone has a nice flow and his story telling is on another level.

Ntumani wo Ehluta (Click to download) Suge ya Mantshembos na Baby Bone


Malamulele younginz, they do the easiest brand of Xitsonga hiphop; easy to listen to and easy to remember.

GYM ARROW (Giyani)

Gym would make the team only on terms that he stops mixing Zulu in his Xitsonga raps. Gym is a producer-rapper with potential to coin a new Tsonga Hiphop sound.

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