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#TsongaTrap Alert: Download C-SIDERS LIFESTYLE new project – Tr3ple Phashash

“Gelegele-gelegele! A yi suki!”

Tihosi ta Tsonga Trap ti vuyi hi gandlati rintshwa, Tr3ple Phashash; a 3 song project building up to their upcoming 2017 Marhumbini Mixtape. C-SIDERS LIFESTYLE is a Tsonga Trap duo from Malamulele (Ntlhaveni Block C), with a unique brand of Hiphop. On Tr3ple Phashash they showcase their village-inspired Hiphop. The name “Tr3ple Phashash” is a spin-off of Peta Teanet’s classic Tsonga Disco album, Double Phashash.

“It’s not an EP. It’s not a mixtape. i Triple Phashash. Holy Trinity ya Tinjamba!”

Tr3ple Phashash Tracklist:

  1. Magelegele
  2. Maxangu
  3. Lifestyle Pt. 2

This 14mb project is very refreshing; it makes you want to hear more from majita. It’s clear that at their prime, with the right resources, C-SIDERS LIFESTYLE will be a lively addition to mainstream Xitsonga music.   


This is the lead single of Tr3ple Phashash. Magelegele is a story about a guy who got his wife piped by another dude, the story starts the morning after and ends with the wife back home. On Magelegele, Makheveza i dyi nsati wa munhu, nampundu se wa n’wu hlongola hi ku wa tisola. Loko lowa nghamu a ya fika ka nuna wakwe (Ezzi), na malanga yakwe, i fika a kombiwa gede – “Tlhelela la u humaku kona, kumbe yena u ta ku kota!”

Highlight of the song is xirilo xa Ezzi on the 2nd verse na #NakedMama.

Mtudu = Chicks
Vidi = Sex / Nuts (Balls)


On Maxangu, C-SIDERS tone it down from Magelegele and open up. Maxangu is a song about the struggle of life and hardships of Joni (Gauteng). This is a song for people who are on the come up and frustrated because it just don’t seem like it will happen. Maxangu is a very painful song, kambe, at the same time it’s inspirational.

“Loko vafi a va pfuka,
mhe a ni ta pfuxa vo Kokwani va ta ni vonisa maxangu
[Vutomi bya tika blind. Vutomi bya tika bra, eish!]
Loko swa misava a wu choose-a,
mhe a ni ta va ni nga za ngi ni swi lavangi ku hanya
[Vutomi bya tika bra, eish! Vutomi bya tika blind.]
Va ri khomelela n’wana Mhani,
swi ta cinca, swi ta jika,


“That’s problem with new school cats, you took your style from Malumekoolkat”

Lifestyle is an OkMalumeKoolKat inspired C-SIDERS LIFESTYLE anthem. On Lifestyle, C-SIDERS rap about characters from their village. On their Tsonga Trap Mixtape ya 2016, they did part one of Lifestyle. The Lifestyle anthem is a showcase of C-SIDE slang and a S/O song to Manyora (hommies back at village).

Lifestyle might go on to be the biggest song of Tr3ple Phashash.  

Notable vocab ya Lifestyle Pt.2:

Butsa = Mali / Vagina
Doctor Mukhari = R100 note; named after a guy who stole R100 back in the 90s.
Figure = Mali / Sex
Khatu Ben10 = Mina hi Mina character on MLFM from Ntlhaveni Block C.
Ku hisa ririmi = I ku pfala munhu nomo hi ku n’wu poyila / chavisa.
Nghala ya le Kruger = Wild nigga / Phisa!
Ninginika = Nickname of a local with a big ass that vibrates when she walks.
Rivutla-nkumba = I moya wo tekela van’wani vavanuna / swigangu.
Spear = I belo ra le Ntlhaveni.

Ntumani wo Ehluta (Click to download) Tr3ple Phashash ya C-SIDERS LIFESTYLE

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