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10 features that would take SA Tsonga music to new heights

Xitsonga music fans can agree with us that the following features / collaborative projects would change the game. Our music industry is peaking once again, and it’s time to create the future sound, and continue our culture of creativity no bombisa Vutsonga.  

We hope the universe will bless us.

Here are 10 features that would take SA Tsonga music to new heights:

#10 Nozinja x Hangalasa

Hangalasa is the Nozinja of this era; they both have their own unique style of Tsonga Electro, each style has had its own era. Their acts are both dance-driven; difference is that Nozinja’s dancers have a gimmick. In the Kingdom of Tsonga Electro, the King of all Kings is Sam Sikiza, Nozinja is 2nd even though he later became irrelevant in Tsonga space. Hangalasa rekindled Tsonga Electro along with Solly Makamu, Russian Army, Magezi Chauke, na van’wani.    

Imagine if Hangalasa touched Tsekeleke or N’waGezani!

Imagine if Nozinja produced Ku Tirha Xisuti na Mureki!

Nozinja definitely learned new things in Europe, partnering with the hottest kid in the game right now would revive his relevance in South Africa. Hangalasa is at a stage where he needs to reveal his versatility, if he has nothing more to offer his going to fade like Nozinja. This collaboration can export a new style of Tsonga Electro to Europe and open a route for more Xitsonga Electro artists to get on European wave of Tsonga Electro.    

#9 Solly Makamu x Raymond NyathiShindendefu on production

Bring back Raymond Nyathi and put him in studio with Solly Makamu. Now imagine that country guitar ya Raymond on a Shindendefu banger, fused with elements ta Ntokoto Studio. The lyrics would definitely trend, Solly na Raymond are gifted in getting people’s attention with humorous and inappropriate lyrics.

We believe Solly Makamu can pave the way for a new genre, and this “genre” has a proven success history; it just never had a name or recognized as a genre. Names like Comrade Xigevenga, Penny Penny on Makhwaya, Raymond Nyathi, Matshwa Bemuda, Solly Makamu are people who have done “commentary” Xitsonga music from a humorous and/or savage approach. Xitsonga music needs more humor and Solly Makamu can deliver on this on a bigger and innovative scale if he collaborates with people outside his stable.

#8 Ghorwane x Jeff Maluleke 

This can even be a concert. One show, one last time. Live, Ghorwane x Jeff Maluleke, at Bileni beach in Mozambique. Guaranteed, this would be the best Xitsonga Live Show of our time. Ni hetini.

#7 Nurse Matlala x Sho MadjoziJoe Shirimani na Dr. Thomas Chauke production

Obviously Dr. Thomas Chauke would be the highlight of this collaboration. Dr. Thomas Chauke is a genius at composing music. On this project Dr. Thomas Chauke would need to bring the drums on Shimatsatsa no. 1-10, and the upbeat catchy keys on Shimatsatsa no. 14-19. This collaboration would need to be a sing-along, have Nurse Matlala switch between Khelobedu na Xitsonga, ivi Madjozi comes in with her raps. Just imagine when verse ya Sho Madjozi comes on and Dr. Thomas Chauke bass guitar opens the way for her, with Joe Shirimani on his Shaka Bundu & Hekeleheke production tip.  

Traditional x Mindzhumba x Disco x Tsonga Rap

#6 Remake ya Kulani Kulani ya Penny Penny x Sho MadjozipH Raw on production

This is highly possible futheni. The timing is perfect. Sho Madjozi, Penny Penny na pH Raw all have hype eka urban market. This would be a Hiphop x Tsonga Disco collaboration, and would put Xitsonga on ration on urban stations and TV shows. This collaboration would make Tsonga people and Tsonga music be ultra-cool outside Vutsonga. Even if the remake ya Kulani Kulani comes out average, one thing we are sure of is that the music video would be fire.

Hi tshemba hungu ra xinavelo xa hina ri ta fika eka Tatana Nkovani, na Tatana Nkuna, xikan’we na le ka ntukulu wa Vatsonga.  Ahee!

#5 Eckson Maluleke x George Maluleke x Dr. Thomas Chauke na Shinyori Sisters     

Before va fa vo da maan, hi kombela feature. These OGs need to do one song for the culture. Eckson Maluleke is one of the best Xitsonga song writers of our time, amazing storyteller. George Maluleke is one of the pioneers who popularized the use of electronic sounds in Xitsonga Traditional music, George Maluleke is arguably the father of Tsonga Electro genre, even though he does Traditional Tsonga music. Well, Dr. Thomas Chauke na Shinyori Sisters are masters of composing and producing timeless Xitsonga music.  If General M. D. Shirinda is over his beef with Shinyori, they can call him a ta bonga on the opening.

#4 Benny Mayengani x Mr BowJoe Shirimani na Kadu Groove Beatz on production

Kadu Groove Beatz is behind the biggest Marabenta hits of this decade, he is the guy behind Meu Assunto ya Bow na Nitamu kuma kwini ya Mabermuda. Joe Shirimani and Benny Mayengani are the biggest Ndzhumba artist in South Africa. A collaboration between the biggest cross-over Tsonga artist x The most impactful Tsonga artist of the decade x The legendary producer behind Shaka Bundu, Chiskop, Limpopo Poison etc x The no.1 Marabenta producer of this decade – has to produce a monster hit. Knowing them, these guys can easily make an album in one session. This collaboration would connect Vutsonga and unite us through music.

Imagine if My Number One had a baby with Ntombhi ya ku Xonga.

#3 DJ TT Makhanya x Russian Army Mabevani na Mambawulele on production  

These guys have one mission, to make the craziest Tsonga dance album of all time. DJ TT Makhanya na Russian Army have unique styles of Tsonga electro, kambe they are repetitive and need musical directors, this is where Mabevani na Mambawulele come in. This project would take Tsonga Electro to new heights and solidify Tsonga Electro’s take-over after Mindzhumba. Tsonga Electro is the next dominant Tsonga genre, Mindzhumba is going to go through what Tsonga Traditional music went through, “fade”. We believe DJ TT Makhanya and Russian Army are the future of Xitsonga pop music, and such a project would need producers who have been slept on and screwed over in the game. Mabevani and Mambawulele are behind the biggest hit songs and hit albums of the Mindzhumba era, kambe not many people know.

This collaboration is very possible.

#2 Limpopo Poison Reunion – Benny Mayengani x Sayicology x Mr. Post x Khombo Shirimani x VuyelwaJoe Shirimani na Prince Rhangani on production  

In South Africa, at time when Tsonga music was at its lowest, Joe Shirimani, Benny Mayengani and Prince Rhangani joined forces and blessed us with the biggest music genre of this decade, called Mindzhumba. The trio, formerly known as Limpopo Poison, revived Tsonga music in South Africa. The Limpopo Poison under the leadership of Joe Shirimani was later split into two; Team Shirimani (Joe Shirimani, Mr. Post, Sayicology, Khombo & others) and Black Poison (Benny Mayengani, Prince Rhangani, Sir Jambantani and others). Limpopo Poison split at their peak. Now that leaders of both camps, Benny Mayengani & Joe Shirimani, have ended their beef, can we have last Limpopo Poison project and end the culture ya beef in Tsonga music.

#1 What’s your number 1 game changing Tsonga feature?


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