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C-SIDERS call out Shiz Live’s producer for being unprofessional & Anti-Tsonga

Yi sukini exilungwini; Ezzi (E) wa C-SIDERS LIFESTYLE, ntlawa wa Tsonga Trap wa le ka Malamulele, i lumbeti Rashid Kay, muhumelerisi wa Shiz Live, ku va na xihlahlawu no khola endhaku ka loko swi tsandzini ku ri C-SIDERS LIFESTYLE yi humelela eka The Booth ya Shiz Live hi wavunarhu wa Mudyaxihi (17, 2017).

A ku se va na nhlamulo ya swihehlo swa E ku suka eka muhumelerisi wa Shiz Live kumbe Etv. C-SIDERS a hi vona va ri voxe vo huma eLimpopo va nga bisiwa makanyi eka Shiz Live, na Mizo Phyll (Venda Rapper) i bisiwi makanyi.  Xana muhumelerisi wa Shiz Live a nga va a ri na xihlahlawu kumbe moya wo khira tindzimu to ka ti nga ri ta Xingoni kumbe Xitswana?

1st of all, the invitation to come through to Shiz Live was huge and C-Siders will forever be grateful for it. But we have concerns that we would like to speak out about, we have issues with the show (@shiz_live on @crazetv) and we would like to know if Etvsa (@etvsa) is aware that Shiz Live is not inclusive and frustrating for upcoming artists like us. It took countless efforts to get the recognition and an acceptance to come to @Shiz_Live; 1st our genre was questioned if it is Trap (We do Trap in Xitsonga), no.2, the communication between us the artists and the producer of the show was poor and we were never briefed at any point about the episode and how it works. Thirdly, just when u thought that’s enough, we were badly treated; we only knew who the producer was after the shoot. We were confused the whole shoot, and did not feel welcome or taken serious. We were told the booth is not gonna be live on the day (and this was supposed to have been communicated before) and we were never told when will it be shown or featured on the show, since it’s not live. We just recorded and left. Last week we confirmed the airing of our episode through our manager, the producer of the show confirmed on whatsapp that the episode will play on the 17th of May. That got us happy, so today (16thMay 2017) we tried to confirm with the producer (again, poor communication from the producer, as we have to keep on asking him things he should notify us of, and it ended up looking like we are forcing him) if there are no changes. He then sent someone to tell us the bad news (again, poor communication, he didn’t face us nor our manager, but sent someone to do so) that the footage was lost (I still wonder how), therefore we can’t be on the show on the 17th. This has damaged our upcoming brand, our fans, family and friends now are accusing us of being liars. We always have an excuse every week. We are not sure of the reasons for this kind of treatment especially from a well-established Hiphop show that was supposed to embrace us as we are contributing the growth of African Hiphop. Maybe it’s color? But the producer is one of us, i muntima. Maybe its cause we are Tsonga? South Africa has a history of excluding us; we are not surprised by this. It’s just disappointing that Etv (Shiz Live) was used to exclude us and our marginalized Xitsonga. Maybe its cause we are not cool to the producer, but we are very cool and relatable to your target audience (Youth A-LSM). All we wanted was to represent our language on national TV and showcase Xitsonga from a cool perspective. It was supposed to be two 16s and this is how it ends. We got there and over 3 rappers joined in on our session (it did not look planned, at some point the producer forgot about us and the floor manager reminded him about us). The other rappers were more welcome by the producer; it seems he knows them, unlike us. Hambi hina hi fela yini? You know what Rashid, thanks for ku hi kholela na show ya wena. To the Producer, you should’ve told us a wu swi lavi once, wasting our time is not cool. #TsongaRapWillRise #shizlive #etvsa #crazetv Nhlamulo C-siders MakhevezaNhlamulo


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