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Percy Mfana responds to ‘NI RHUME MFANA’ VIV review

Hi leyi nhlamulo ya Percy Mfana ya nhlelo wa mina wa ni NI RHUME MFANA:

Nhlamulo ya Percy Mfana
Mutsari hakunene u hlawuterile kahle. U tikombile kuri ango va mutsonga njhe. Eka mina ndzi na ku tsaka swinene loko ku va na vuhleri bya objective ku fana na leswi. Hi ntiyiso I reflected on my music and realised that I am ageing and if I dont do something I might as well age with my music. I sat down with Patson and Prince and said I will do what I know best meaning composing and singing but I want my music to be taken to another level without loosing my originality but be able to compete with the young ones. Patson is there for purposes of that originality and Prince is a marvel when it comes to to innovation by making sure of taking it a step further without loosing it. Prince have just said we have surprises ourselves. On the songs I just want to correct one thing that the song I Receive there is no where in it where you will find blasphemy because I do confirm that miracles do happen at Major 1 and ndzi ma vonile. Leswi ndzi swi alaka i ku hemberiwa hi doom. I say people go to churches for difference reasons some of which are malicious hence I say vanwani va navelela va nwani ku hundza ku va ta sala va ganya and xikwembu axi va hlamuli. Hambi va yi tlanga ka station kumbe ava yi tlangi andzi na mhaka as long as I have expressed my artistic view through music. Any song that they play for me is right. Eka Vutsonga na Vuchangana mina ndzi ti teka ndzi ri munhu loyi a yimbelelaka vanhu va ti clan leti ti ri timbirhi hikokwalaho ndzi nga onheli munhu because I want to appeal to all. Some are using it to gain Kingship and some for gonancial gain and I use it for entertainment. I can be happy if we can continue getting this constructive feedback. Chela Mafurha is indeed a track that comes from the rhythms ta Rhangane and them and ni lo nwi byela as an experienced musician that there is one touch that he is missing that I want him to revert back to. But thanks for the feedback

Percy Mfana Chabane
Vision 2020
Vuya Chabane


Nhlamulo ya Percy Mfana
Volks it is indeed an honour for me to find myself still competing with these young, talented, innovative and dynamic young men in the music. But I can vow that as long as my voice still carries me and Prince and Patson continues to listen to what I want then I can still push. Those that are of my generation in the industry have all dissapeared. Shirimani started a little earlier than me and he is still there but the others whose names I am not going to mention have dissapeared in the majority. The magic for one not to dissapear is to remain original as you said I have gone back to the basics of my rhythm and mix it with the new ones. If you remain stereo type in music you will not survive as the young ones comes with new styles and sounds every day. You must also be able to admit that they have arrived. I remember when Mayengani released Ti ba Ben I told patson that this musician have arrived we need to pool our socks and we did until we decided to to bring in Rhangane to be able to come with new things and indeed it was a good decision. I now have a platform through you where I can share experiences and be guided and it through these platforms that you can remain consistent..

Vuya Chabane

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