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New Music Videos: Mr Post N’waMzamani, Mash Sarila na C-SIDERS (#TsongaSauce Alert)

Vhiki leri eka #TsongaSauce Alert hi languta swivonwa swintshwa swa vunanga bya Xitsonga;

  1. Mr Post – N’waMzamani

The Pizza man has given us the first Ndzhumba music video by a major artist. Early this year, Benny Mayengani made mention of filming a music video, and Team Shirimani pulled a Russia on him and did it first. Well done to Mr Post, Team Shirimani na DJ Brian for a well put together music video, it’s a good start and we appreciate it.

  1. Mash Sarila – No Love

Mash impresses us at VIV Lifestyle Magazine with each drop, the No Love music video is dope and it complements the fcuk boi vibe of the song. No Love i risimu ra swipoko swa foreplay na mind games, vinyi va punani…  

  1. C-SIDERS LIFESTYLE Shiz Live mix up

Magelegele ya le Ntlhaveni announced ku they would be on Shiz Live on the 3rd of May kona kwala ka VIV Lifestyle Magazine. Kambe a swa ha endlekangi, ku ve na ku nga twanani na vahumelerisi va Shiz Live. MaC-SIDERS ma kandziyisi xivonwa va hlamuseta ku The Booth ya vona yi ta huma eka mavon-kule eka mavhiki lamataku.


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