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Suka Kona Album Review – “Prince Rhangani & Friends”

SUKA KONA is Kenny Bevhula’s 5th Xitsonga album, and it’s not short of hits. However, it’s very confusing, SUKA KONA sounds like a Pirnce Rhangani album featuring Kenny Bevhula and others.

Kenny Bevhula continues to rely on features, and unfortunately, on SUKA KONA he shuffled his features between Prince Rhangani, Sunglen, Nurse, Florah N’wa Chauke and Mora. Prince Rhangani stands the most on SUKA KONA, plus the Faka Mchizi template sound. Giving Rhangani an advantage over everyone on the album.

The beats/instruments on SUKA KONA sound like 8 different version of the same beat.

However, SULA TINYONGA brings SUKA KONA alive. SULA TINYONGA should’ve been the first single from SUKA KONA. Pity. Nurse took this song to another level with her Khelobedu hooks. Another strong hit from SUKA KONA is SWI PHINDILE with Prince Rhangani and Mora. SWI PHINDILE is going to be big, and it will put Mora’s name on the map. HINYIKENI is going to low-key have a decent rotation a byaleni; it’s a catchy sing-along; ri ta tshama ri ri ka repeat ka hina vo tsonana byala. 

All in all, SUKA KONA is a decent album if you don’t have expectations of it being better. Kenny Bevhula should consider doing music the DJ Khaled style, bring various artists and producers together and let them make a dope album for him. Kenny Bevhula is in a position to give us the most iconic features of this decade eka vunanga bya Xitsonga, kambe ku tele genge in his team. 

SUKA KONA ni yi nyika 7 / 10.   


  1. SUKA KONA (WA NI SIRHELA) ft. Nurse – Ntumani wo Ehluta (Download Link)
  2. HINYIKENI ft. Sunglen na Flora N’wa Chauke –  Ntumani wo Ehluta (Download Link)
  3. SWI PHINDILE ft. Prince Rhangani na Mora
  4. SULA TINYONGA ft. Prince Rhangani na Nurse
  5. TEKA NDZHUMBA ft. Prince Rhangani na Nurse
  7. MALI Ya LOVOLO ft. Prince Rhangani na Mora
  8. NI TE NTLANGWINI ft. Sunglen na Flora N’wa Chauke

And one last thing, loko  Kenny Bevhula o tshika Vuzulu, a nga va a tirhini; lexi a nga mbala enhlokweni na leswiya swo “heshe!” a hi Vutsonga, i vuhlonga.  

Call 076 019 5951 / 072 858 2505 to get you a copy.


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