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Matimu, Tinxaka ta Vutsonga, Tsonga Audio Discourse

Tsonga Audio Discourse: The Power ya Vuchangani within Tsonga Ethnic Group


This is the 1st Tsonga Audio Discourse by FanaThePurp – discussing the Power ya Vuchangani within the Tsonga Ethnic group of South Africa in 6 minutes. 


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  1. Ha khensa. I have read some of your articles on this topic before. My biggest problem is that Vatsonga vo tala continue to identify themselves as Machangani. Maybe 2 out of 10 would correctly refer to themselves as Vatsonga and their language as Xitsonga but ku hambana na “Vuchangani” lebyi swa tika.

    Even the teachers continue miseducating learns because they were miseducated largely by the bantu education system themselves.Mara yisani a mahlweni na lunghisa matimu lama.

  2. Na mina ndzi rhandza ku khesa ka leswi u swiendlelaka rinxaka ra hina vatsonga,hita pfuna na hina hiku ya mahlweni hi dyondzisa rinxaka leri hiku hambana exikari ka Vatsonga na vachangani.

  3. I really feel so proud with the platform u have set and also show growth and appreciation of our culture.

    Ndziba mandla ndzi vuyelela, keep it up guys.



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