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How to date a Tsonga man without sex in 5 Steps

If you feed a Tsonga man and freak him out at the same time, he won’t dare sleep with you because he knows sex will unleash the crazy out of you.

  • Step One: Greet him in 2nd or 3rd person, use his clan name (never his government and slave name) or a fake baby name when referring to him. E.g “Hi losini Valambya // Minjhani Tata Kuteni”
  • Step Two: Cook for him, and make sure he sees you actually cooking.
  • Step Three: Serve him the Tsonga way (kneel, bowl with water na fayiduku + Beer / Whiskey on a tray), and watch him eat and drink.
  • Step Four: Read the bible with him, and ask him to teach you his clan praises.
  • Step Five: Then humbly send him home or leave with a smile on your face.

Important rule: Do not call him; wait for him to make contact first, at all times. Trust me.

Repeat above 5 steps for 3 months.


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