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14 Guys who shouldn’t get any love this Valentine’s Day

We all know or have dated those guys who don’t deserve so much as a peck on the cheek on this day of love. So I’ve rounded up a list of 14 guys you should stay away from at all costs. I hope it’s not too late….

#1 Mr. I Don’t Call
We all know the guy who doesn’t call or text or anything. You know the guy who will always wait for you to text and call first – claims “no airtime” or “I’m just not used to calling people”. Well, leave him dry this Valentine’s Day.

#2 Mr. The Way My Account Is Set Up…
This guy is always asking you out on dates, but you keep paying because of “the way his account is set up”. He always promises to pay you back, but a year in; you’re always picking up bills and you still haven’t been paid.

#3 Mr. Suck My D**k
You know the guy who is always asking for fellatio when you’re together? Like a moment doesn’t pass without him begging you to go down on him, whether he’s driving or y’all are at the movies. Leave the blowjob obsessed out of your Feb 14 plans, please.

#4 Mr. She Hurt Me So Bad
Now, there is nothing as bad as a guy who is still cut up over a girl who hurt her many months ago. He says he wants to be with you, but is always bringing her up on your dates. This guy is a big NO!

#5 Mr. PDA
I don’t mind some public displays of affection here and there, but the guy who takes it to the sleaziest level by always groping you in public thus always attracting unwanted, disapproving stares. This guy should be locked up far away with all the balloon hearts and stuffed teddies.

#6 Mr. Send Me Your Pic
The dude who is constantly asking for nudes, this guy has no other conversation starters except that he wants to see your coochie. NO.

#7 Mr. He Don’t Have To Know
The man who doesn’t care that you have a man. We like these types. He brings you lunch and takes you out without expecting anything, but he is way too attached. Being with him on Valentine’s Day could lead to a marriage proposal. Stay away.

#8 Mr. Emotionally Unavailable
Now this guy is always going on about how love sucks and that he doesn’t see himself loving anybody besides himself. What a Debbie Downer, worst date ever.

#9 Mr. Wannabe BEE
There are guys who think they are all that because they once got a tender in 2011. These guys think you can be bought with a few cans of Guarana and his Chicken Licken Hotwings, and tummy hanging over their belt leaves much to be desired.

#10 Mr New Money
This guy just got a good job as an IT consultant and feels the need to flash his newfound “financial freedom” wherever you go. This isn’t so bad, because he can afford to take you to the best restaurant for Valentine’s Day, but it’s hardly worth it because he’ll be asking you for petrol money by the 20th.

#11 Mr. Bebi Gal
The kasi guy who has never even been to Rosebank. He speaks like he went to Tsotsi Taal School and doesn’t fit in with your friends from the North. Leave him at home on Valentine’s Day ladies, spare yourself one day of embarrassment.

#12 Mr. Wear Your “F**k Me” Heels
This man expects you to dress like a hooker everywhere you go. He buys you super tight dresses and expects you to walk in 6 inch heels all night long. Not today man. Not today.

#13 Mr. What Are You Wearing?
This guy is the direct opposite to number 12. He expects you to look like you’re going to a funeral whenever you’re with him. Cover your shoulders, your knees, even your hair. In this summer heat? Leave this man at home girls.

#14 Mr. Pap and Vleis
This man wants to know nothing about five star cuisines. He’d rather chill at a shisanyama and have a few beers with you and the boys. How unromantic, this one you should’ve ditched a long time ago!

Well, that’s it ladies. Whoever you choose to spend your day with, if you want it to be the perfect Valentine’s Day, leave these 14 men out of your plans.

by Anita Baker

Image source: pelfusion.com

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