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Tsonga Sunday yi vuyini – 05 March 2017 – FOOD. MUSIC. PRIDE.

I nkarhi wa kona…

Tsonga Sunday ya vumbirhi yi ta va kona hi ti 05 ta Nyenyankulu ya 2017, eRed Apple Club, eNewtown. Tsonga Sunday i nhlangano wa Vatsonga eJoni hi xikongomelo xo tlangela Vutsonga in an urban style.

No speeches. No preaching. Just FOOD, MUSIC & PRIDE.

This is how the last Tsonga Sunday went; 

For more pictures go to: 24.04.16 Gallery

Hi ta vonana 1st Sunday ya March (05, 2017) hi 12 na nhlekani; 

Free Entrance
05 March 2017
Doors open at 12 midday (na nhlekani)
111 Cnr Bree (Lilian Ngoyi) & Henry Nxumalo Street, Newtown.
It’s the Red Building Next to Mary Fitzgerald Square.

Alcohol is sold at normal prices, NO CLUB PRICES.

For more details contact Fana on –
0791774060 / xmavasa@vivmag.co.za

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