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13 Tsonga Songs to have Sex to (for beginners)

You will never go wrong playing Tsonga music during sex, that’s if you can keep up. Xitsonga music is composed with reference to a specific Xitsonga dance – for example; Mindzhumba and Tsonga Electro reference footwork of Street Makhwaya and Xibelani. Traditional Tsonga references old school Makhwaya and Xibelani, and Marabenta is an urban version of Mchongolo.

The secret to Tsonga dance is in how one works their waist, rhythm, balance, creativity and energy. When having sex with Tsonga music in the background, follow the bass guitar, the drums or the most audible element of the song.

Spice up you sex game, switch it up and go Tsonga!  

Tsonga songs to have sex to for beginners; 

  1. Kadinfuna ya Ghorwane – Play this during foreplay!
  2. The Way You Do ya Mr Bow na Lizha James – After you insert it!
  3. Vhuthu Marabenta ya Mabermuda – Power Strokes he pa!
  4. Mavholovholo ya Thomas Chauke na Shinyori Sisters – Arc her back with a pillow!
  5. Latino Heat ya Matshwa Bemuda – Be in control, don’t let your nut escape!
  6. Swegga ya Sayicology – Dance inside her!
  7. Loso ya Prince Rhangani, Joe Shirimani na Benny Mayengani – Put her legs on your shoulders he madala!
  8. Mayengiyengi ya Benny Mayengani – Make her touch her toes, ivi u sakamela!
  9. Khoma la ni ka mina ya DJ TT Makhanya – Place her on the edge of the couch or kitchen table in whichever position!
  10. Ku tirha Xisuti ya Hangalasa – Hi ma doggie-style he ngwenya!
  11. Nghoma ya Limpopo Roots na Benny Mayengani – Play this when you are on Auto-pilot & showing off with strokes!
  12. Nyoka ya Sam Sikiza – Tear it apart!
  13. Xa Dlhiwa ya 2 hustler na Afro Madjaha – Back to missionary, but don’t make eye contact if you aint ready to release!

Thank us later *wink*

Image source: weheartit.com


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