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5 Things not to do if you want to turn that one night stand to something serious (for girls)

Now every so often you will meet a nice guy at some church gathering, he will wink at you in the midst of being sprayed by holy water on his face just as the priest was blessing what you and him are going to have for eternity. After a little chat you will agree to go have a drink with him or convince him it’s what the Lord would want and the next thing you know, you are waking up at his place the following day. Ok, that build up is complete nonsense but here is a good guide of the few things you shouldn’t do if you want that one night stand to turn into something serious.

  1. Don’t make breakfast

Even if the one night stand happened at your place; just don’t ok! What do you look like anyway, his cook? I mean we don’t repay orgasms in kindness, and we certainly think it’s too early to even be looking for a way to his heart, don’t we like have GPS’ for that nowadays? Ridiculous…

  1. Don’t make the first move

After having exchanged numbers and leaving his place as quick as you could the next day. Remember to act like a lady, not “Kim Kardashian West” lady. I mean like a real lady and keep yourself contained. You might have deep throated, tea bagged, nipple sucked this MOFO – all before it was face down and ass up for like 10 minutes (what took him that long to cum anyway), but whatever you do, remember not to make the mistake of sending him that “Hi” text before he does. Bizarre…

  1. Don’t tell him how good it was

This is a bad idea. You don’t want to boost his ego. You also don’t want him thinking that you are easy to please and a mission well-done. Boys love the chase. So after he has made the first move in attempting to communicate with you, keep it subtle. Sure, you done squirted all over his need-to-be-changed sheets, twice. Oh, deny that by accusing him of having too much to drink and imagining things and carry on making him wait for the cookie for a couple more months to repent for your sin of that one night stand.  Stupid…

  1. Don’t invite him on Facebook

This is “crazy psycho” bxtch alert. There is absolutely nothing men hate more than having to deal with the tough button of whether to accept your invite, or just increase the privacy levels on their social media account. Go easy on him and follow him on Instagram to give him enough time to prep. Ludicrous…

  1. Don’t say: “It was fun, let’s do it again”

This is a hooker’s line and at that moment when you are just about to part ways with him. You must know that a hooker is much better than you, because at least she got paid for it and didn’t spend the night. Sorry, that came out wrong let me try again. What I mean to say is that your benefits might potentially come, (excuse the pun) while a hooker would make certain their while is made worthy immediately. You get me right? Excuse you? Ok well, whatever you say don’t say the above to him.

Moral of the story is, men are human beings and they too have feelings, and one of their feelings is fear, and there is no recipe or a manual. You just have to let your guard down, treat him like a person and go with the flow.

Happy Courting…

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