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10 interesting things to know about Penny Penny

#1 – Penny Penny’s debut album, “Shaka Bundu”, remains the best-selling Tsonga music album ever, having sold over 250 000 copies in its first release in 1994.

#2 – Penny Penny is the only South African artist to have had a national tour in Mozambique, performing in every provincial capital and other major towns.

#3 – Penny Penny is the only Tsonga artist who had major success in two genres, Tsonga Disco and Makhwaya (Traditional Tsonga Music).

#4 – Penny Penny has never changed his hair style since 1994.

#5 – After the death of Peta Teanet, wild rumours implicated him, of which he dealt with the rumours in his Juri Juri album, saying those who killed Teanet are in jail.

#6 – Penny Penny used to be a dancer for Peta Teanet, and also worked as a cleaner, miner, cook and farm worker.  

#7 – Penny Penny’s other name is Kulani.

#8 – Penny Penny once beefed with Dr. Thomas Chauke, Joe Shirimani, Benny Mayengani and the late Peta Teanet.

#9 – Penny Penny is the first Black South African musician who turned politician and became a Ward Councilor for the ANC.

#10 – Joe Shirimani gave Penny Penny his first break in music, even though the record label thought Penny Penny was a clown at first.


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