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Tinxaka ta Vutsonga

There are four unrelated Xivambu branches in the Tsonga ethnic group

Shivambu / Shivambo

There are four branches of Xivambu and all of them don’t share a lineage, they only share a culture and language.

In South Africa, there are two common branches;

  1. The Xivambula-makhutla of Mondlani (N’wanati)
  2. The Xivamba of Xikhumba (Rikhotso), known for preparing animal skin for clothing.

In Mozambique, the Xivamba of Xikhumba are a minority group, while the Xivambu of Mondlani have a big populous.

  1. There is a Xivambu branch of the house Ngomani. The clan is found in Xinavane and Majakaze in Mozambique. The Ngomani branch va vamba madzovo ya xigubu – i va vambi va ngomani.
  2. The last branch of Xivambu is that of Mathonsi (Makumbila). Va vitaniwe lavo vamba madzovo, loko vo twa mathonsi ya mpfula va songa-songa.


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