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The story of Kgapane (Khambani)


Khambani was leader of Modjaji’s Regiment; his position came from an agreement between Hosi Gulantino Mavundza and the Modjaji Queendom. This relationship began during the first arrival of Bakone (Nguni) to the Southern territory.

The Mavundza were very strong military wise at the time, and were allocated land by Modjaji in Masanaro, Seapola and surrounding areas. This was an honorary gift to the Mavundza for their military superiority in the Modjaji territory, and for protecting the Modjaji Kingdom.

Khambani defeated many Nguni invaders, and was later honored with a Town named after him. The place currently known as Kgapane is a Khelobedu for Khambani. The descendants of Khambani are now found in Ngove Village near Giyani, they were removed from Kgapane by Apartheid government for the creation of Bantustans. There were largely moved around 1968 and 1969 to the territory they are now in.

True story!

Image source: aucorproperty.co.za & fast-meteo.com 

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