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Literature, Stay@home Boyfriend

Stay@home boyfriend – Insecurities

We are at my place,
She didnt go to work, so we made room for the cleaning lady.

She cleaned and played girlfriend,
I was just being insecure.
And I don’t blame myself,
having a dream is extra pressure when you are in a relationship and approaching 30.
All I have is a dream, and don’t want to get to a point where I lose her because I couldn’t provide.

She’s taking a shower,
She had suggested I move out,
I know she meant well and supports my move to focus on my business,
But I can’t let go of my place.
It’s small and practically empty, but it gives me a sense of security even though I’m renting.
I wonder how much patience she got,
it might get rough and I need her, she pushes me to work hard and she reminds me of my mother.
If she gives up on me, she will hurt me big time… I hope she waits until I’m a millionaire,
And everyone wins, wa vona!

I’m gonna try have sex with her,
Hope I don’t cum quick!
Why am I so nervous?
I hope the cleaning lady washes my clothes right this time, she treats me like I ain’t s***
She doesn’t wash all my clothes, if she does, they never properly washed.

Women take forever to bath,
and I’ve seen many women bath, I don’t get what takes that long.
I bet they chill to pass time so we don’t judge them for bathing like us.

She says my hair looks Somali when not combed.
I think I’m going to get laid,
that’s an invitation right?

We just finished having sex,
I came quickly, and it caught me by surprise also…
She said “come on,”
That hurt!
Even more when she jumped to make tea after sex,

I was sweating like a pig;
I’m so fat, mxm

We had sex again, she tapped out!
I feel good, now life is good.
She touched my penis and played with it,
that hasn’t happened ever since I lost my income.
It’s ok…
I’ll get back, and I’ll cheat on her,
or not…
Time will tell…

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