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Literature, Stay@home Boyfriend

Stay@home boyfriend – Fake Drugs

I’m listening to Bieber with her,
I’m high, and we decided to do ecstasy.
You know our relationship is in trouble…
I smoked weed earlier on, not sure if the pill is working,
it ain’t working on her and that’s good.
Don’t want to turn my girl into a junkie,
I regret buying her drugs,
it was her idea and I wanted to get laid.

After walking in town for hours looking for a laptop,
I decided to go see my West African brothers and they happened to have what she suggested we do.
So I got two e pills, came home and bought my laptop in the hood.
She cooked, and we have been drinking ever since…

We are waiting on the pill to kick in…
Is e, molly?
Eyi, drugs na tona!

Why am I thinking about my mother?

Ya Bieber is dope!

Random thoughts again, mxm!

We ain’t bored, I’m just unemployed and insecure,
my ear warming up, snap!

If only I was white. I’d write a book and it be best seller.

But the way my melanin is setup…
She’s loving Bieber, points, YES!
Why am I trying to impress her?
I’m such a bad boyfriend; I got my girls drugs and turned her into a Bieleber!

We going to cancel the DSTV and get an ADSL line!
I didn’t have much of a say, because she makes valid point.
We need the internet more than TV!

She digs Bieber, what a coconut,
Eyi kambe these yellow bones can’t be trust!

I think I’m going to die, I’m lying, I just think about death a lot.
I even day dream about my funeral; even planned it out.

The drugs aint working hey!
Stupid Nigerians, I bet they gave me random pills,
I’m looking swaak right now, I bought fake drugs.

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