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Literature, Stay@home Boyfriend

Stay@home boyfriend – Random Thoughts  

She woke me up around 5 to help her make a sandwich because she was late.
Yet, I would be considered an ass if I woke her up just to say goodbye.

Anyway, let me listen to radio…
Where is so and so?
It started raining,
good; I don’t have to go see my boy.
It’s exhausting and depressing;
all we do is drink and smoke.

My allergies are acting up,
what am I gonna do all day?

I’ll smoke some weed and read a book,
“Indaba my children” looks like a good read.

Yesterday we had sex,
it was delicious. God is such a show off.

I cooked pap and she ate a salad, she’s feeling fat LOL.
I’m fat, mxm!

She said this is the last week for the helper,
So I’m the help,
Wa nya!

Anyway, I’m high!
I rolled one earlier on,
Saw another jita wa le next door,
kasi how many people live in that flat?
It’s a 2 bedroom, and I’ve seen 8 people, boys and girls!

I’m not doing the dishes; she dropped her lunch box in the sink like there is a dishwasher here, mxm!

These white people are ruining radio, when is so and so coming back?
Mama Action on radio, what a G… She has corrupted and failed on all departments and provinces she ran, but she don’t get fired, she gets a new portfolio.

All I did was refuse to be exploited, here I am…

I need to bath, I didn’t bath yesterday.
Washing your ass is good!

This dumb b.tch tweeted me something dumb, but I gotta play along, she’s influential.
You know how it goes…

This dude sounding like Drake, but he is doing it in Zulu…
It sucks!
But I bet next week Twitter will be hyping him up, mxm!

I love radio,
I hate such random thoughts,
and unemployment is jail!
This is tough,

Connect is such a smart move,
Not like data extender, what dumb product!
Random thoughts again,
I need a laptop, I need to work!
Being idle makes me horny…

“Hello Makhe…”

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