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Top 15 Tsonga Songs of 2015-2016 season

If we had to submit a playlist to Xikwembu as a report on how we have used our music talent eka Xitsonga ku suka hi Mhawuri/Ndzhati (August/September) 2015 ku fika hi Mhawuri/Ndzhati (August/September) 2016 – the following tracks are our Top 13 Tsonga Songs of the season.

Ndzhati i n’wheti yo sungula ya ti-new-release, building up to D-time na Good Friday, ku nga last round ya ti-new-release ta nkoka eka vunanga bya Xitsonga. Join us as we sum up hits of the previous season in as we enter into the new season.

Criteria for the Top 13 Tsonga songs of 2015-2016 season are creativity, impact and relevance.


15 THE LIFESTYLE ya C-siders (Tsonga Trap)

lIFESTYLEThese guys started out rapping hi Xilungu and they were whack, kambe they reinvented themselves quick and came back with Tsonga Trap – a village influenced rap style based on their village, Ntlhaveni Block C in Malamulele. C-0siders have given us the first authentic Tsonga Hiphop style and we not taking away anything from the Giyani cats like vo Mchangani, pH na vo Dopefella. Kambe everyone has been doing Hiphop the “usual” way and this is why the genre is not connecting with the people. C-siders might not have impact and crazy rotation ka mainstream Tsonga, kambe they have one creative dope product.

Vana Free ya Mix Masala a kuri a strong contender for this spot, kambe The Lifestyle stands out more…

Download The Lifestyle ya C-SIDERS

14 GOT 2 LET U ya Mchangani (Tsonga Rap)


This has to be Amu’s first proper hit, and the guy has been doing it… he is actually the first recording Tsonga Hiphop artist to be signed to a major record label. Forget Khangala-khangala, Got 2 Let U is a beast and you can hear the hunger in his voice. This is one of those sing-alongs that stand the test of time; the song will still be relevant na years to come. Just like Masiku Lawa ya Dopefella, Got 2 Let U deserves high rotation ka Munghana Lonene, Capricorn FM na all Tsonga community radio stations.

Download Got 2 Let U ya Mchangani

13 DJ ya Benny Mayengani feat. Prince Rhangani (Ndzhumba)

Source: facebook.com/benny.mayengani2
Source: facebook.com/benny.mayengani2

Theme song ya Shut Down Continues! Benny Mayengani will go down in history as one of the most entertaining Tsonga artist of all time. DJ made it on the list to honor all those who got injured during a Team Shirimani performance. Benny took beef ya yena na Team Shirimani to a militant level, and no artist in our history has had this impact on the audience. Note; we don’t condone assault against Team Shirimani members or anyone… Ka Mabuthu ya Mayengani, Rea Nyaka, Madovani na Mayengiyengi are better songs than DJ, but they did not have as much impact.

12 N’WANA WA KU RILA ya Team Shirimani (Ndzhumba)

Ha swi tiva ku Team Black Poison prefers Benny to lead the list, especially anything when Joe Shirimani is involved, kambe Team Shirimani killed it with N’wana wa ku rila. When the focus is not on beef, Joe Shirimani always gives us hits. The power ya Joe’s music is that it’s youthful and still appeals to a matured audience, Joe balances the rawness na vusavheji bya Mindzhumba. The collab game ya Team Shirimani is too crazy and this song is proof, xikan’we na Xizuluwani na Chavani. Msaykho remains King ya Verse ka Team Shirimani, this guy has classic verses for days.

11 CHAYELA ya Prince Rhangani (Ndzhumba)

This song is catchy AF, and a swi na mhaka ku Mun’wanati va pfa va dyoha. This song ra ba! And looking at genge yo dlawa in car accidents hala kaya, risimu leri ri na nkoka, and did we mention ku ra ba? We hope Arrive Alive recognizes Rhangani and use this song as their official song in Limpopo campaigns.

10 WA RILA N’WANA ya DJ Kenneth feat. Hangalasa (Tsonga Electro)

“Se ka nandiha gigini langutani,
Se ka nandiha gigini langutani,
Swi nge ndleki ku nga nyoxi ni khomi Hangi…”

Vanhu tend to dismiss Tsonga Electro and only focus ka Mindzhumba, kambe you know hi Electro u ta cina u nga swi lavi. Va penga 100 vafana lava ka risimu leri, it came out tops against Mapengo ya Team Galaza na Va Navela ya Majojo, hambi Mr. Cops na Khoma la ya TT Makhanya made Top 20. Tsonga Electro ya ba, unfortunately it has an inferior status ka vunanga bya Xitsonga.

Download Wa rila n’wana ya DJ Kenneth feat. Hangalasa

9 MAJOR 1 (BUSHIRI) ya Mashele feat. Magezi (Tsonga Electro)

“I receive!”

This is the best Tsonga Electro song to come out in 2016, swo boha va cina va tirivala ekerekeni ya Bushiri. This song is a fusion of old school Tsonga electro style xa vo Sam Sikiza and elements ta Nozinja done in the new way. The content could not be any relevant, “Go deeper papo, mhe ni lava mali…” and the creativity is on point – va tirhini Maxele na Cawuke.

Download Major 1 (Bushiri) ya Mashele feat. Magezi

8 WA DZEVULA ya Jossie (Ndzhumba)

download (7)“Mabevani i phurebuleme sese…”

Risimu leri ri chayiwini, it’s a calm fusion ya Traditional Tsonga na Ndzhumba. Usually, when Traditional Tsonga na Ndzhumba are fused, tinsimu ta kona ta tsutsuma and have a billion elements. Jossie definitely made an impact ka Xitsonga as a new player ya n’wasati in a male dominated industry. Jossie makes music you play in your car, and MLFM loves her music, u na ndhuti music wa yena. Wa Dzevula yi tlula tinsimu leti nga endliwa hi vavasati eka season leyi, however, Xikomu Xo Lomba was a strong contender…

7 XIGANGA ya Dr. Thomas Chauke na Shinyori Sisters (Traditional Tsonga)

Source: emusic.com
Source: emusic.com

The last three albums were luke warm, until Dokodela ya vunanga bya Xitsonga released Xiganga (single & album), ivi guwa yi miyela. No other Traditional Tsonga artist has a hit this season, swi tsandini, hambi George Maluleke va hupini lembe leri. The Power ya Xinyori is that he released a sad song hi December and it still did the rounds, and the album reached Gold status the same month. Hi kombela u yingisela tikatara ta Nyoresh ka risimu leri and you’ll understand why this man is a legend…

6 TERMINATOR ya Mr. Post (Ndzhumba)


“Hambanyisa tilo na misava n’wananga,
Hambanyisa mina na lavaya…”

Risimu leri ri bini jealous down. Loko ri huma it was easy to dismiss it kambe hambi swi ri tano you know the lyrics somehow. Ra damarhela risimu mihleketweni, and for the very first time Mr. Post doesn’t sound like a fat Benny Mayengani knock-off wo dyoha. Mr. Post is confident on Terminator and his pen game is too strong. This is his best work to date.

5 VIDA BAO ya Mr. Bow (Marabenta)

Theme song ya December 2015, cross-border hit. I Bow ya loye. Mr. Bow has a hit with every release, and they are cross-border hits. Vida Bao hi rin’wani ra tinsimu ta yena leti ti nga ba la South Africa na le Mozambique. Yi dyiwini mali over this song, Ti le ka Makani ya Refiller Boy even makes reference of Vida Bao. Music wa Mr. Bow penetrates across all Tsonga social classes na le ka tinxaka timbe in two countries, that’s powerful. Vida Bao is a classic, na this coming December it will be relevant and hot.

4 PEACE FOR MOZAMBIQUE ya Ziqo (Afro beat/ House)

This is the same guy who gave us Quadradinho Ao Quadrado, ivi a tshikelela hi risimu theme song yo koxa misava. This is a beautiful song, Ziqo u tirhini. Hi nga onha loko ho vula swo tala, titweli hi wexe;

3 NI TA FA NA WENA ya Mr. Bow (Marabenta)


This is the one song we can all enjoy tani hi Vatsonga, i risimu ra rirhandzu. The lyrics are easy, i sing-along leyi kokaku ndleve. Mr. Bow is big in Tsonga weddings, this is another hit eka collection ya yena. That’s the power ya Mr. Bow, u kota ku cinisa vanhu ematikweni mabirhi hi nkarhi un’we, Vatsonga va le tikweni ra Mabunu na va le Musambiki connect through music wa Mr. Bow, na airplay u yi kuma ka both countries. Khoma wambilu u cina naye, wisisa nhloko u tiphina hi vunanga bya Xitsonga; guwa yi le ku teni hi December…

Download Nitafa na wena ya Mr. Bow

2 KHANIMAMBO – Themba Nyathi Feat. Tizzman (Tsonga Gospel/ Afrobeat)


We confident this song will be on high rotation Ka MLFM na le mintlangwini ya vazalwane for the next 2 years, if not, it’s a pity. Themba Nyathi released fire, Themba is going to dominate market ya kereke; the song is already receiving great feedback on Munghana Lonene. This is Themba’s break through hit; this song put him on the map.

Download Khanimambo ya Themba Nyathi feat. Tizzman

1 LOVOLA MONEY – Henny C Tsonga Prince (Afro R&B)


Lovola Money is yet to reach its peak in terms of radio airplay na rotation evanhwini as it came out in August, kambe a hi chuwangi, watch as it blow up. This song deserves to be number one. It’s a timeless song and will dominate micato ya Vatsonga. We predict this song will cross-over to Mozambique in no time. Lovola Money grows on you with each listen. Henny C will win song of the year next year ka MLFM Xitsonga Music Awards lembe leritaku, if not Lovola Money, then Themba Nyathi is going to take it. WE CALLING IT.

Download Lovola Money ya Henny C Tsonga Prince

Hi rihi risimu ri nga ku bela ngopfu eka tinsimu ta nguva ya 2015-2016?

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