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Will Benny Mayengani still release on the 31st of November 2016?

“Mhe ni rhanda munhu a nga swi tivi n’wanango,

Va ku u nga vulavuli,

Mhe nta vulavula…”

In August 2016, Benny Mayengani announced the release of his 6th studio album at an EFF rally ka Malamulele, and then on the 1st of September he lost his mother. Ku lahlekeliwa hi mutswari, ngopfu-ngopfu mhani, i nchumu wo tika. Phe Benny wa ha ri hava vatswari, a swi olovi ku amukela xiyimo xa muxaka lowu. I hope it does not break him; he must keep his head up and keep going.

Xikwembu xa Benny Mayengani hi tweli vusiwana, hina torha… it just doesn’t feel right without Benny Mayengani. Benny is not just about music, he is an entertainer and one talented hype-man. Benny Mayengani’s music comes with an agenda that influences Tsonga Pop Culture. When he came out with Tiba Ben he broke the barriers of sensitivity with his dirty lyrics. The conservative were shook and everyone else fell in love with him. Ivi ka President Mayengani he took on the most respected Tsonga artist in South Africa, and we thought it would be the end of him but by his third album blew up like no one’s business. Vayuda came out at a time after leaving Limpopo Poison ya Joe Shirimani, ni nga rivali na impact ya December revolution. MLFM banned his music; he boycotted the Xitsonga Music Awards after losing. Good or bad, he brings it and keeps growing with each album; he is the only Tsonga artist with a religious following, and that is his source of power. Benny Mayengani is a crowd puller and has hype, awu timuleki ndilo wa yena. Benny Mayengani has his own personal market just like Dr. Thomas Chauke; they both don’t need airplay or marketing to stay relevant, all they need to do is release and perform.

The last album was ok, and I think deep down Benny wa swi tiva na yena. Benny Mayengani has promised ku humesa xihiso on the 31st of November, u ri for 31 days, from November 31 to 31 December ku tava ku tlangiwa new-one ya yena ntsena. Benny u ri ku ngevi na munhu na un’we a nga ta humesa CD ya yena a tlanga yin’wani. Benny u ri he didn’t release because he was giving genge a chance kuri yi tlangiwa na le ka ta mafu! He mentioned ku Prince Rhangani was supposed to release before September, kumbe yi ta huma in the following week. Leswo tala u ta twela hi wexe;

As we wait…


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