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Reasons why SASSA is better than a Blesser

Ok, first things first, and we ain’t counting down, but first things
first in this entire thing, u tshama u gangisiwa hi SASSA? U ri kwihi,
u kha u endla yini na mani hi ya n’wu vutisa, na swona a wu nwa yini?

SASSA u yi langha hi ku rhanda, whether you abusing doek on fleek or
you wearing those terrible leggings showing your undies; SASSA will
never be ashamed of you nor pick the next light skin bleached girl
leaving you behind. Kenang bohle baby mamas with SASSA!

When was the last time SASSA promised you the world? I mean sure, the
window of opportunity is minimal, but if SASSA promised you
a baecation and does not come through; you know you are partly to blame,
u mhani wa njhani wo tsandeka no budget’a.

SASSA won’t tell you which friends to drop, who isn’t good for you
and most of all; SASSA will not stand in the way of you and your Man
crush on any day Monday.

You don’t need, yes you don’t need anyone’s approval with SASSA; it’s
never that harsh, and doesn’t need the approval of its peers (your
parents) in dating you. Ohhhh and you only need to see your SASSA once a month.
Just once and you are free till next pay date.

SASSA isn’t going to ask about your dreams for the future, who you want
to be and what you doing towards your dream. SASSA knows you ain’t got
a plan *yet*…

SASSA won’t afford you half the things, ok more than half a Blesser can,
but SASSA won’t ask for them back when you are seen with your baby
daddy. If anything, SASSA knows you’ll always love your baby daddy and wants
you to let him khapha you to withdraw.

SASSA doesn’t have gout.

Whatever SASSA’s fantasies are, they remain SASSA’s. SASSA can’t spell
coprophilia and will never even get a chance to talk that dirty to
you… But you wanna go to Dubai… Good luck
coming back home….

Image Source: zululandobserver.co.za

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