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ANC wins new Malamulele Municipality (LIM 345) with 84.14% of votes

Who would’ve guessed the ANC was going to come out victorious Ka Malamulele, EFF or the newly formed MALAMULELE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION looked to shake things up in the Municipal Elections after the Vuwani saga.

The IEC has completed counting LIM 345 votes, and the results are as follows:

  1. ANC got 118,690 (84.14%) votes
  2. EFF recieved 12,364 (8.76%) votes
  3. DA came in third with 3,456 (2.45%) votes

Local parties struggled dismally;

  • XP got 1,351 votes


Now we wait for Thulamele election results, which the ANC is currently leading with 98% of the votes counted so far.

Results source: https://www.elections.org.za/LGEDashBoard2016/ 

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