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Men are not looking for “Good Girls”

Good girls are boring; they lack personality and confidence.

Good Girls are desperate, how do you sacrifice your individuality so you can be eligible for a relationship and marriage. I believe this is what makes marriage a miserable union; this is why there is so much marriage PR. A long term relationship or marriage will not work if the union is based on societal standards and not the individual’s happiness. Unfortunately, a lot of men are with the wrong partners, but because their partners are “good”, they keep them for stability and to feel complete.

It’s sad that a “good girl” is someone who goes to church, loyal and has a high tolerance of KAK. Yeah, she qualifies to be cuffed and to be the main, but we know she is just filling in a position. We all know love is not enough, this aint Hollywood, this is Africa. There is a whole lot more that comes with human interaction. But because we have to be married by a certain age, “good” and “stable” works to please our parents, peers and society.

  1. “Good Girls” don’t bring the best out of any man; they are not themselves to begin with.
  2. “Good Girls” are not exciting, and this bores the ego and penis.
  3. “Good Girls” change down the ‘comfort line’ and remove the make-up. SCARY!
  4. “Good Girls” don’t mind to carry the relationship or marriage alone.
  5. “Good Girls” are too forgiving; you never worried about losing them as a man.

“Good Girls” don’t inspire new realities; they are predictable and act out of desperation. It’s exhausting to be with someone who you have to constantly put in work to be with, or having to live a double life.

“Good Girls” are no different to “Nice Guys” – same bunch – they finish last and are walk-overs. Who are “Good Girls” good for, while their men are out there with girls with personality and bad morals?

Be yourself, and know that if it does not come natural to be with your partner – ayeye!

Image by Janie McGee

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