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10 expensive Tsonga clans to marry from

Don’t approach these families with an entry level loan. These families don’t entertain people who take out loans for 20k; you better have proper money to marry into any of these Tsonga families, OK:

  • Maluleke: They aint humble about being royal, you better bring extra cows.
  • Cawuke/Mavasa: Their clan name means wealth (Hlengwe), just saying mfo…
  • Baloyi/Mathevula: Pray they are not Christian, cause you will have to go all out on the wedding.
  • Khosa/Rikhotso: Khoseni women are treated like goddesses by their patriarchs, don’t be surprised if they sacrifice 6 cows and demand 100 afterwards.
  • Hlungwani: They usually educated, so you know how it goes.
  • Maswanganyi: You better take out a backup loan!
  • Mabunda: They love negotiating, bring lots of water.
  • Ngobeni: They love trending in the village, so the bigger the ndzovolo the better.
  • Sithole: Better be sure marrying into a Ndau family, they “special”…
  • Manganyi: You better be ready to make a statement, dont take chances.

You know hi le ku jamukeni, right?

Vatsonga are welcoming people. We still uphold vumunhu and our customs. We understand that it’s not about the amount or showing off, ndzovolo is all about uniting families.



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