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VIV Variety

Animal’s on @Strange_Animals TL that would get you set on fire in my village

I am not saying people in my village are backwards, but if you had any of these animals and your neighbors child coughs, you are gone…

  • The Desman: semi-aquatic mammal related to moles <<< RIP Kokwani


  •  The Matamata: has a large, flat head & looks like it’s smiling! <<< Wa Famba la!


  • The Indian narrow-headed softshell turtle <<< U to twa ku; “We pray & work hard” kasi… Mamlambo


  • The blond Capuchin: from northwest Brazil <<< Yi fana na Sirha fene leyi, ni vula Khazi Matimu


Feature Image: Photos: Simon J Pearce

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