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Tinxaka ta Vutsonga

Swivongo swa Machangani (o’Ndwandwe)

Machangani are a minority Tsonga tribe, and the last group to be assimilated into the Tsonga ethnic group. Machangani hi tin’wani ta tinxaka leti tipfaku Vungoni ti nga Vatsonga namuntlha, Machangani i amaNdwandwe kaZwide (Nxumalo); kambe a hi va ka Nxumalo hinkwavo va nga Machangani. Lava nga sala va khonza ka Shaka, a va tivuli Machangani, vito ra Machangani ri tirhisiwa hi lavaya va nga tsutsuma na Soshangani. Lavaya va ka Mawewe, lava nga Swazini, va tirhisa ngopfu Mkhatshwa.

Machangani hinkwawo ma phahla Sochangana (Manukuzi) kaZigode kaGasa.

Swivongo swa Machangani (In no particular order):

  • Mkhatshwa
  • Nyamani
  • Dumayavo
  • Mabesa
  • Langa/Yanga
  • Muyanga
  • Nxumalo
  • Magona
  • Mudanisi
  • Nguyuza
  • Musayeya
  • Mabaduye
  • Choveti
  • Nkuyu
  • Mpisani
  • Masuku

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  1. I don’t think that are Tsonga surnames cause surnames like Nxumalo, Ndwandwe are Zulu surnames.thus, you can remember that before Africa had boarders, all Africans had the feudal rights to relocate themselves where they love to be.also remember when King Shaka sent the first Induna’s to Mozambique to assist the collapsed leadership against the Portugues in the mid 18th century whereby Tsonga’s were there even long before Shaka’s Royal Hynesses arrived in there.after giving them a full support of Troops, they had to claim a large land of Mozambique into their own hands.it is believed that because of dispersal they ultimately speaks Tsonga interms of located where there are most dominated Tsonga tribe.it is quite clear that there are no Tsonga tribe formed from any other group of individual, but originated like any other African tribes having their specific and unique language long time ago much differ from the language so called Zulu.ofcourse Tsonga tribe could be minority group of people which has its own originality that is now more diverse and led many Tsonga speaking people gone astray and not understand deeply of their past History of their primitive generations, unlike the Zulu tribe began to recognized themseleves they had strong leadership of Shaka from the late 17th-18th century which i trully believe that they also lost the pre-History of the Zulu Kingdom since all people of the South were so called “Nguni’s” that describes people of the South.however, of they had different speaking languages..

  2. Changana is the name derived from the name Soshangaane given to Tsonga people that seems to me, it is not pretty good to Apply two names to the people who has their original “Tsonga” name.its like mixing up two Company names eg: ToyotaBenz in into one name which is impossible.infact, it is because they wanted to conquer the Mozambican Tsonga tribe playing wittiful tricks to robbe their Kingdomship that they would gain more victory and confidence.

    Even the greetings between the Zulu and Tsonga are far much differ.
    ☆ Zulu, Eg: Sanibonane/Sawubona?………..
    ☆ Tsonga, Eg: Xewani/Avuxeni?………….. Good morning?
    – I Nhlikani/Nhlekani?…………. Good Afternoon?
    – Riperile?……….. Good evening?

  3. Rixini (Good morning)
    Inhlikani (Good afternoon)
    Riperile (Good evening)
    Avuxeni (universal greeting of Vatsonga – yi tirha anytime to acknowledge where Tsonga’s come from – A vuxa (East)

  4. yaa i khale Fana na Vanakulori va yena vahi dyondzisa ku hambana exikarhi ka Machangana na Vatsonga.
    Mina na tsaka loko ni tiva leswi

  5. Na mina na khensa when I see that some of our people understand vo Ndwandwe. Impela hi machangana. SA government just want to simplifies things by putting us all in one group. A swi kahle

    1. Dadewethu; a ku na ‘minority Tsonga tribe’ leyi va nge i machangani.
      Hi ku komisa, Machangani i ntlawa wa va ka Ndwandwe, lowu wu nga pfumelangiku ku khonza/fumiwa hi Shaka, endzaku ka loko Shaka hi ku tirhisana na va Mntungwa (Khumalo) va dlayile Zwide.

      Machangani i maNdwandwe lava fambeke na Soshangani, ku ya tshama na vaTsonga….

      Ma Tsonga i vaTsonga.
      Kasi aMashiya’ingane / Machangani ka Soshangani, i vaNdwandwe ka Mnguni…!


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