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Dr. Thomas Chauke does not want to associate with VIVMAG

Dr. Thomas Chauke does not want to associate himself with VIV (Vutsonga I Vukosi) Lifestyle Magazine because we used “Xitombo na Mbolo” on our platform. A close source to Dr. Thomas Chauke confirms that Pre Chavani was not keen on granting us an interview. Dokodela did not want to undermine him so he agreed to his “recommendation”.

We had been trying to secure an interview with Dr. Thomas Chauke since March (2016) through Pre Chavani. Dokodela va te we must speak to him first when we called requesting an interview. Pre Chavani found ways to deny us access to Dokodela several times, hambi 5min telephonic interview was asking for too much. Over the weekend we contacted Pre Chavani to confirm album sales of Xiganga – Shimatsatsa no.34 and BOOM!

Listen to call between Xitshembiso Mavasa & Pre Chavani, u titwela hi ta wena. Benny Mayengani was mentioned on the call, Pre Chavani said; “That’s why se hi veki na nawu wa ku, a ku na la yi nga ta pfuka yi phefomi kona la ku nga na vanhu vo fana na vo Benny Mayengani…”

This is disappointing, swi tlhe swi vava… hi fela ku vitana nchumu hi vito ra xona.

Kasi I yini Xitombo hi Xitsonga?

The hypocrisy ya hi sorisa; hi va vonini ka Daily Sun – newspaper liya yo tsala hi vuloyi na punani. Hi tlhe hi va vona ka TV stations that play sexual content and pornography. I mean he shares a stage at award shows with dudes who sing and rap about drugs.

Pre should focus on what matters, like getting Dr. Thomas Chauke a tour and endorsement deals. We are not the enemy; we are a strategic media partner. But oh well, hi ta ku yini…

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Featured Image: mpumalanganews.co.za

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