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Daily Xitsonga

Minerals in Xitsonga

Mining, and processing of minerals, and trading in the mineral products; has been an art that Vatsonga developed over centuries.

The main areas of mining had been Phafuri, Manyikeni, Musapa and Maphungubye.

Xitsonga has words that describe and define many minerals without borrowing the European words.

Take a look:

  • Mugodi, Xiyemba – Mine
  • Swicelwa– Minerals
  • Mufuri– Smith
  • Muthofu  – Aluminium
  • Nsuku – Gold
  • Nsina – Copper
  • Nsimbi – Iron
  • Ngwedi – Iron Ore
  • Ngwidi – Lead
  •  Ndzala – Diamond
  • Nkhutu – Platinum
  • Ndzalama – Emerald
  • Mhemba – Limestone

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