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The art of giving head

Is there really an art to fellatio? Different people like different things and it’s important to find out just exactly what it is that makes your partner moan and sigh with bated breath. It isn’t a gourmet meal, but how one enjoys being blown, is all relative and you can definitely make it 5star. There are key things to consider when trying to make your man scream your ancestors names with just the lick of a tongue.


Sucking dick is not exactly like sucking a lollipop. Some think it’s that simple, but as much as there are some similarities, there’s more to blow jobs than merely just producing a partial vacuum with your lips and tongue. Be sure not to apply too much pressure but just enough to feel the intensity.


It’s obvious when sucking almost anything, saliva is produced. USE IT!! Don’t try and dry your mouth out when going down on your man. The lubrication is necessary for the pleasure. So be sure to be hydrated when engaging in fellatio in order to create the most desirable environment and effect.

Tip sensation

A good idea and place to start is the tip. Start at the top and work your way down. The tip is considered to be one of the most sensitive (if not the most), part of the penis. It’s important to play with the tip using your tongue and give it ample attention. Do not suck too hard but exert some form of pressure. Tickle to the tip using the tip of your tongue as it creates a tingly sensation.

Deep throating

Once you have moved from the tip, it’s essential to give attention to the rest of the penis, that being the shaft. Up and down motions, as well as circular motions around the penis itself are good ways to take care of the rest of the penis. What one can consider when giving head (it’s not always necessary for the oral sex to be great), is deep throating. This is when you put majority of the penis in your mouth till the tip is at the back of your throat, sometimes making you gag. If your gag reflexes are amazing (some practice when brushing their teeth), then the deep throating sensation is even better.

Tea bagging

Some people aren’t fans, but most guys like it when their balls also get some action. The mouth is a warm, moist place and if you are giving attention to all parts, putting the balls in your mouth causes the utmost stimulation.

Tongue play

As mentioned above, tongue action is necessary. The motion that is used during tongue play can either make or break the success of the experience. There isn’t really a particular method on how to use your tongue but small licks, circular movements, stroking and the like, are all good ways to create an even more intensified result.


What exactly is an adequate amount of time to have your mouth full? Well, I guess it all depends on what you are able to handle. But anything less than 5 minutes means you either want to move on to the next kind of foreplay or you are ready to do the deed. Anything less is just an insult and you shouldn’t actually bother.


As much as time spent is important, so is the pace. The rate of movement is something you need to pay attention to. Going too fast creating a washing machine effect is not a real thing for all people. But some prefer a rapid pace to get them going, whereas others prefer a more leisurely feeling when being given head.

Obviously everyone’s experiences are different but be sure to communicate with your partner to find out what it is that makes them tick.

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