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Matimu, VVX

1961 – The year Tsonga became Shangaan Part 2


Afrikaners initially wanted Vatsonga to be under Venda or split them among other ethnical groups. The tribal leaders refused the merge in administration with Vendas and came up with Benstore Agreement. However, Makhuva Tribal Authority refused to be part of Gazankulu until after mid-1980s. Speloken Empire were dealt with by both Apartheid government and the Gazankulu administrations, the major reason for their misfortune is because they were seen to be on the British side and Portugal side, or independent. Note that after the Mouzinho led war, the Amashangaan had switched loyalties; they were now loyal to the Transvaal.

The British regarded Njakanjaka as King whilst the Afrikaner reduced him to chief status. Those who were in favour of Afrikaners were rewarded with Traditional leadership, such as the House of Majeje and the Nxumalos who traditional were not Tsonga royals. The Nxumalos (Amashangaan) were given land taken away from legitimate owners and were later installed as Chiefs and the Majeje house was honorary gesture to Ntswan’wisi for leading the Bantustan. Ntswan’wisi was the fifth child and as such his elders were more legible in Tsonga Tradition than him.


The Ben Store conference which was forged on unity did not call nor inform:

  • The house of Mondlani in Mozambique,
  • The house of Magutsu of Khoseni,
  • The house of Valoyi ka Nkuzi,
  • The house of Maputsu ka Tembe,
  • The house of Bila,
  • The House of Tshovani of Vahlengwe,
  • The house of Xikwalakwala,
  • The house of Madzivi.

These powerful houses carried the torch of Vutsonga and were never consulted nor invited in 1961 when the three houses of Fofoza, Adolf and Kheto decided to change our identity. There was NEVER a referendum on deciding about the identity of people who occupy more than 6 countries, but ONLY three families decided on millions of our people without their mandate, without legitimacy and our consent. The 1961 conference decided to change a history of more than 1500 years, a rich history of civilization replaced by Apartheid creation. The rich history of trade mining and knowledge systems that proud itself in refining mineral into finished products, The history of advanced farming methods and producing luxury oils was reduced to a political decision.

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