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SheTsonga, VVX

New Tsonga Praise in honor of Mixo Mathebula – #SheTsonga

In honor of Mixo Mathebula graduating, our founder Xitshembiso created Mixo her own Tsonga praise. At this current moment, the virtual world is not considered as a powerful tool in the struggle. VIV Lifestyle recognizes Mixo and her contribution to the emancipation of women and Vutsonga.

Hi khensini Khalanga!

“Hosikati! Jeaux mathanga! Nkamba wa minkwembu. Ntima wa ntiyiso, ntlharhi ya Vutsonga. Mixo wa jenje, wa mbita wa yi vanga.

Mathevuya wa Changamire! Ncila a va ololi!”


Explanation of the praise:

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