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Literature, Long Stories

The Graduation of Chipo

Chipo hated the family next door; she hated them with a passion. The one she hated the most was the son, he had just finished his third year in high school and his name was Tonderai. He was such an obedient child who did everything by the rules. He did well at school and always carried out his chores. She despised him for this because he seemed to do everything so well while she depended on the help of her two brothers, who usually just did as little work as they could and spent most their time at the local bottle store.

Chipo was known to be a difficult woman to deal with, she did not take nonsense from anyone and men generally stayed away from her. Her family was rumored to practice black magic; it was well known that her father obeyed her mother’s every single request, or rather command. Apparently, she had used the powerful potion that made a husband very obedient and malleable. It is rumored that when a woman visited the lady’s, she would take a small piece of her dried faecal matter and hide it where no one could find it. She would then cook a pot of delicious beef stew and throw the fleck of filth into the meal. The husband, feeling very hungry after a long day’s work would dig into this soiled meal, becoming a slave to his wife’s every single whim.

Methods differed, including such potent tricks as dipping a sweat soaked pair of the evil wife’s panties into a pot of boiling water – a pot waiting to have a hefty meal of sadza cooked in it. This method was not as powerful as the first mentioned though. With all these rumors swirling in the village air, no man was ready to commit himself to the daughter of a well-known witch. Of course Chipo had short flings here and there but no man wanted to go the long haul with her. This made her even bitterer; no man wanted to be with her. She was relatively young, quite ugly but the gods had blessed her with a beautiful black body. She felt she deserved a little bit more love, yet no man was ready to give it to her. She began to look at all men with hate and disdain. This is the reason why she wanted to fix the boy next door.

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