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Literature, Short Stories

The Girl Next Door

Dakalo was an honest guy working for an accounting firm in Pretoria, everyone referred to him as DK, he worked long hours to provide for his girlfriend Rendani, who was studying in the local university for a degree in Fashion Design.

He lived in a two-bedroom apartment with his high school best friend Thabelo, they knew each other for most of their lives and were like brothers, and both worked for the same firm but Thabelo was still a clerk serving his articles.

They would regularly go partying together at the student complex where Thabelo would hook up with girls from the local university. Life was good, they were living the good life, DK was the faithful type, who would never hook up with any girl and was only a wingman for Thabelo. He was ok with this because he had told Rendani about it and she was ok, it was odd for her to allow this but he went with the permission he got and helped his friend get laid.

Thabelo was anti-relationships and would change girls like underwear…

DK would stay up at night because of the noises coming from the next room, he had gotten used to this and was tired of asking Thabelo to stop, and he was a good guy after all so he took one for the team.

One night DK was still up finishing the day’s work and as usual Thabelo was up donating orgasms to the random girls he picked up at the university complex.

And on this particular night, the screams and moans were quite loud, DK knocked on Thabelo’s door to ask him to keep it down. Thabelo’s heart was racing, he was grateful that DK did not enter the room; he opened the door slightly and got out in a suspicious manner. He walked to the bathroom and DK saw scratch marks that were almost bleeding – DK then high-fived Thabelo to complement him on a job well done.

Whenever Rendani came to visit DK, she would leave late and assure DK that she had called the cab and it was waiting downstairs. DK wanted to give her some freedom so he would let her walk out by herself.

One night after a vigorous session of lovemaking, Rendani Told DK she had to leave before they close the gates at res, he allowed her to leave. He had sensed that he never made her scream quite as much as the girls that come to Thabelo did. Sitting in bed, he was thinking of ways to make her body quiver. Give her the sex of her life.

Oh well, he thought, turned and tried to sleep, he heard the screams he had heard from the other night and thought ‘damn what does this nigga have that I don’t?’ He continued to try and sleep but the screams got even louder until eventually he decided to go to the toilet for a leak.

While walking past Thabelo’s door he saw a familiar bra on the floor next to the door, the door was slightly opened, he walked in and picked the bra up, it was a bra that he got for Rendani’s birthday that was supposed to ‘spice’ things up. He looked on the bed and there she was giving Thabelo a blowjob.

DK walked out of the room and not more than a minute later, he came back, and there were gun shots.

As the smoke settled, while Rendani looked at her bloody hands, she screamed, “What did u do?” Thabelo’s corpse laid there in a pool of blood, still handcuffed to the bed. Rendani was crying and shaking his body in an attempt to wake him up. She was still naked and DK picked up a towel and threw it at her and said ‘I forgive you, let’s go’.

They went to the next room and set in silence, DK still had the gun in his hand, the neighbors probably heard the shots but for some weird reason chose to ignore them.

DK was now trembling and he said in a shaken voice “what did u make me do? All I ever wanted to do was love you.”

Rendani was shaking lying on the bed covered by the towel DK gave her. In the midst of her sobs she blurted, “I’m pregnant, I made an appointment with the doctor and I want to terminate it”. DK quickly got up and dropped the gun, he then moved closer to Rendani and said in a very deep and threatening voice, “you will not kill no child of mine…Is it even mine? No, it is mine and we are gonna raise it together.”

In silence DK contemplated on how he would get rid of the body, he covered it up in some blankets and used ties to tie the body and avoid the blankets from coming off. He carried the body down to his car and put it in the boot while Rendani followed like a mute. He drove for a while and ended up at an open veld where he dug a shallow grave and just as he was putting the body in the grave, Rendani whacked him on the head with a shovel and he blacked out, a few minutes later he woke up gasping for air in a pool of sweat!

It was all a dream and Rendani calmed him down and got him a glass of water and later that night he made the best love he has ever made to her. She screamed so loud that Thabelo came and knocked to ask them to keep it down, with a slight grin he gave Rendani a few more thrusts and they slept peacefully through the night.

Image: Pixabay

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