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C-SIDERS LIFESTYLE release Tsonga Edition of ‘Feelings’ ya A-Reece’s

Magelegegele ya le Ntlhaveni Block C have took on Mashbeatz challenge and did their own Tsonga version ya ‘Feelings’ ya A-Reece. Unlike A-Reece na Ricky Rick, C-SIDERS LIFESTYLE tackle the emotions of having an absent father as men.

A heavy topic and follow, kambe swipoko were able to deliver as usual, this is the best Tsonga Edition of ‘Feelings’ out there. Yes, there are other Tsonga rappers who took on the challenge, kambe va hupini, so they don’t get a mention.

“I can see the pain through my momma’s eyes
She says she’s fine but I see she’s lying
She’s not a man but I see she’s trying
U ta fela dzobyeni loko i nga rilangi
Eish, mina ni lava ku cinca
Loko kuri Papa a nga ri na mhaka na mina
Ni kule ni te tani, se ni lava ku cinca
Oh Lord Jehovha, tisa ku cinca!”
“A ni nge rili hambi wo fa!”

Ntumani wo Ehluta (Click to download)

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