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Psychological issues of individuals raised by vo Kokwani  

Studies have shown that children who are raised by their grandparents or placed under foster care develop a variety of psychological issues. The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) identified the following disorders the grandparent-child relationship may cause:

Reactive Attachment Disorder

RAD is a complex psychiatric disorder that is characterized by serious problems in emotional attachment to others. This is caused by the inability of the child to bond with a parent in infancy or early childhood. So while parents slave for R60 per hour eJoni, their children are being damaged emotionally. Vanhu va nga na RAD va vonaka hi swifafa, no hanya vutomi bya hansahansa na tinyimpi. Vanhu va RAD va tsandeka ku komba, kumbe ku amukela rirhandzu.


Anxiety disorders can lead to a failure in achieving full potential in social and academic activities.

Conduct Disorder

Children and teenagers with conduct disorder exhibit a complicated behavioural and emotional complex, they have difficulty following rules and behaving like normal children. Lava i vana lava hi ngo a va twi, kambe ntiyiso wa kona, i ku a va pfukangi ebyongeni. Vana va hanyaku na Conduct Disorder i va vona hi ku xanisa swihari na vanhu, va na vutswaka, va na moya wo pfinya, no onhetela swilo handle ka xivangelo. Conduct Disorder yi endla munhu a nga rhandi xikolo, a tlhe a nga chavi ku tshova nawu.


It’s near impossible for black people to avoid inheriting depression or a form of trauma. Children experience stress and it is unfortunate that vo kokwani cannot make sense of a child being stressed. Hi sungula kwihi ku hlamusela N’waXikochi ku n’wana u na stress? Africans are not privileged to deal with their emotions openly without being made out to feel weak or needy. For an example, children who have lost a parent go through a lot of stress and this can lead to a form of depression and interfere with the child’s or adolescent’s ability to function.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most common childhood disorders. Lava i vana va tsandekaka ku tshamiseka, hi valavulelelo ra masiku na masiku, kambe vana lava swi lava va pfuneka. Va fika eswikolweni va nga tirheki, vakhegulu va tshameli ku ba no hlongorisa, van’wani va byi nwisa na panado ku va ta kota ku wisa. Hi kombela mi ya kambisisa vana loko mi va vona va tsaka ku tlula mpimo, na loko va tsandeka ku tshamiseka no landelela swileriso.


Ntirho wa mutswari i ku pfuna n’wana ku titwisisa vutomi no titwisisa, kambe vatswari (kumbe vo kokwani) va endla xihoxo xo tlimbeleta vana ku va titwa hi ndlela leyi yi laviwaku hi vona. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs when a child has experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse or violence at home or in the community, even a car accident or natural disaster can cause PSTD in children and adults. Ntolovelo wo hleketa ku vana a va tivi nchumu, i mbewu ya khombo. A hi tidyondiseni ku yingisela vana va hina, hi ta pfuna ku hunguta swivavi swa vona.

We are suffering on many levels and we don’t know what’s wrong with us. We are quick to dismiss our emotional battles as “ti moods”, “na x’tage” or “white people problems”. But the truth is that we are dying from the inside and our parents are the first to hurt us willingly and otherwise. We as the new generation should take into consideration a lot of factors in raising our children; we should not forget that where we fail, our children pay the price.

Image source: Ong Ern Hwee / plus.google.com 

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