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Tsonga Research Bibliography for Beginners 

  1. Content on Tsonga history and Tsonga tribes Pre-Soshangani’s era;

Loko u lava ku tiva matimu ya Vatsonga, na nxaxameto wa tinyimba ta Vatsonga, before ku humelela tinyimpi ta va Soshangani, we recommend:

  • Matimu Ya Vatsonga – 1498-1650 by HP Junod. Published by Sasavona.
  • The Life of a Southern African Tribe by HA Junod. Published by Sasavona.
  1. Content on the Tsonga ethnic group in South Africa

Loko u lava ku hlaya a brief history ya Vatsonga in South Africa, we recommend:

  • 800 Years of Tsonga History by Mandla Mathebula. Published by Sasavona.
  1. Content on the Rise and Fall of Gaza Empire

Loko u lava ku twisisa timhaka kumbe matimu about the Rise and Fall of Ndandwe Gaza Empire, we recommend:

  • Nghunghunyane: Rei de Gaza 1884-1895 e o desaparecimento do seu Estado. By Gerhard J Liesegang. Published by Arquivo do Património Cultural (ARPAC)
  1. Content on the oppression of the Tsonga people by Roman Catholic and Swiss Churches, the Portuguese, the French, the British and Dutch

Loko u lava ku twisisa minkwetlembetano ya kereke ya Roman Catholic na kereke ya Swisa, Portugal, France, Britain na Holland ehenhleni ka Vatsonga, we strongly recommend:

  • Africains, Missionanairies Et Colonialistes: Les. Orgines De L’Eglise Presbyterienne Du Mozambique – Mission Suisse/Fundadores da Igreja Presbiteriana de Moçambique. By J. Van Butselaar and Jan Van Butselaar. Published by Comissão de Literatura e Comunidade da Igreja Presbiteriana de Moçambique.
  1. Content on Gaza Empire after it fell

Loko u lava ku twisisa kahle, ku ku humelele yini after the fall of Gaza, we recommend:

  • Hi Landza Mpisani. By SHN Makamu. Published by Sasavona.
  • Ta ka Mpisani. By AB Sihlangu. Published by Sasavona.

Enjoy your research/reading material. Hi tshemba mi ta pfuleka mahlo!

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