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A hi ta khomiwa hi tele if these laws were in SA

1. In Milan, Italy – The city by-laws state that it is a legal requirement to smile at all times, except during funerals or hospital visits. Leswo boha xikandza eMilan swi nga ku khomisa hi maphorisa.

2. In Singapore – Ku xavisa kumbe ku dya (Bubble/Chewing Gum), ni vula chepisi, swa arisiwa. In 2004, this city-state in Southeast Asia imposed a strict ban on chewing gum imports. No gum is allowed to be bought or sold inside Singapore and there is a $500 fine for spitting out gum on the streets. La Joni, na le switandini ku nga khomiwa madzanadzana hi siku.

3. In the state of Victoria, Australia – ONLY licensed electricians are allowed to change light bulbs. There is a 10 Australian dollars fine for doing this. Va xaniseka vanhu, loko vo ku kuma na u khoma-khoma bulb holder, i fambini.

4. In 2005 the mayor of Icononzo – a city in Colombia, passed a law according to which swearing, bad mouthing na ku hleva became all illegal. According to authorities, at that time, even one rough word could cause a severe conflict between socially opposed groups of people. Hina vo rhandza ku tirhisa F Word, hi nga tshama xitokisini

5. In Washington – it is a crime to pretend (and tell people) ku your parents are rich. Nawu lowu, wu nga pfalerisa votala hala Melville, Braamfontein, Marriston na le Sunnyside.

6. According to the law passed in 2007, it’s illegal for the Tibetan monks to reincarnate without the government’s permission. Ka Tika laniwa!

7. In London, England – a tikweni ra Queen Eliza-something, it is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament.

8. Also, in England – it is a crime to have a picture of a female member of the British Royal family in a man’s bed/bathroom. Ka tika! Va ri genge yi nga skomoro hi xona xinepe lexi!

9. In Mozambique – it is a criminal act ku tshika vatswari or vakokwani va xaniseka if you are in a position to fend for them. Ku nga khomiwa votala la Afrika-Dzonga hi nawu lowu.

10. Also, it is a crime, punishable by xigwevo up to 3 years of hard labour in Mozambique eku lumbeta vakhegula na vakhalabya hi swa vuloyi. Unless loyi i nga ya hlahluva/porofitiwa ka yena is willing to prove eka court, you can be jailed makwerhu.

Would you be a free man or xivochwa if these laws were passed in SA?

Image source: stupid-laws.laws.com

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