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Why do men want more when you offer them sex only?

Whoever said men are not emotional lied to everyone. Men just happen to register emotions differently to women, men act out their emotions.


Men are constantly looking for stability, and someone who gets them. This is because men struggle with identity, manhood has robbed men of their true nature, and forced them to forge new identities that are in line with what is acceptable. Loving someone is very difficult when you are not sure of who you are, confusion causes a lot of frustration and anger. Worse, men are taught to register emotions as weakness, so they are detached and find ways to escape emotions. However, as much as they have convinced themselves that they are not emotional, they are extremely emotional. This is why it’s easy for a fight over R1 to escalate to death.


When a man says they just don’t want sex, they mean it. There is more a man sees in you than being between your thighs. Ya, he wants the sex, but there is just something about you. It’s rooted in the relationship he has with his mother; men either want someone with the same energy or love language as their mother or someone opposite to their mother. So you could be a bad bad after office hours, and that won’t stop him from wanting more than sex. When men just want sex, that’s all they will do, keep it physical. But when men want more than sex, they get their act together for limited time; they get easily distracted at times, and have so many options…

Ladies, you need to remember that when a guy has feelings for you, that does not mean he wants a relationship. There are many layers to a man’s identity which influence who they end up with and it is mainly circumstantial. Things are always complicated as you may have noticed. So yeah, we feeling you but we don’t want to be tied down; we already with someone else or we don’t trust you. Also, men are very much selfish, our gender allows it, and so we find a way to keep you in our lives with the rest of the others even though we already taken. The reason for this is because we already in an emotional relationship with you, you just don’t know about it. There is no need to tell you about it because it usually ends in a relationship or comes to an end.

For those who don’t get it, a man cannot afford to be hurt because it’s a nightmare to deal with emotions. But how are you gonna explain being hurt when by someone else to your main? Know this; men do want to feel openly without shaking their manhood. So now and then, they will agree or jump into a relationship when single, but that comes with risk of being hurt. So it’s safe to feel from a distance, it’s believed it is easy to pull out. This is what complicates all relationships, men do not know how to feel and this affects how they love.

But what men really want is an emotional relationship and sex, without the physical relationship. But at according to society one needs a psychical relationship to access emotions and sex.


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