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The President of Tsonga music becomes PR Councilor for EFF in the City of Johannesburg

Nkulungwani wa Dzonga wu endli matimu nakambe, Benny Mayengani is the first Tsonga musician to be an official of the Johannesburg Chamber as EFF PR Councilor for City of Johannesburg.

He declared himself President of Tsonga music with his second album and he has been no.1 in the game from his debut album ya Tiba Ben. Like him or not, Benny Mayengani is the most impactful Tsonga artist of this decade. Baloyi yi na the spirit of Tsonga artists in Mozambique, he challenges authority and pushes the envelope all the time. Benny has dominated the last 5 years, even other Tsonga artists sing like him. Benny dominates online traffic in South Africa, he is right there with Mr. Bow from Mozambique.

And now he adds a new achievement to his list, while many said he was making a big mistake with going public with his support for the EFF.

Hina ka VIV Lifestyle Magazine ha tsaka loko hi vona un’we wa hina a humelela a tlhe a endla na matimu, swinene Mthondolovhani, Mulozwi wa Changamire, nyimba ya Vutsonga!

What a time to be alive…

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