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C-SIDERS release new version of The Lifestyle & announce Tsonga Trap Mixtape

Its official, village rap duo, C-siders ya yi susa this spring. Thembani “Ezzi” Maluleke na Nlhamulo “Makheveza” Makhuvele ve va hi khomeli Tsonga Trap Mixtape. Part of the mixtape is the new version ya The Lifestyle, a song that came out in April.

This is that new Malamulele hiphop, different to ya genge ya le Giyani na Tzaneen. Yi na heavy influence ya Kwaito na Southern Trap, and the subject matter is a village called Ntlhaveni Block C (Ka Makhuvele). As someone who comes from a Ntlhaveni, Ezzi na Makheveza make our village sound like a movie, the style is authentic and refreshing, ni tele!

Na taal i ya le Ntlhaveni, i taal ya Manyora na Tinghilimba – i Xisisyd – I ndzimu na hanyelo, thus “The Lifestyle”…

  • Ntudu = Cheri
  • Ximhefu/ Xinhefu = Punani

S/O to n’wana mhani-ntsongo, he made it on the song for ku dzaha timbangi, classy!

The Tsonga Trap Mixtape is a showcase of their new style, and said to be released this coming September, date is unknown though.

lIFESTYLES/O to Pa Didi-  S/O to Khomavele – S/O to Rasros – S/O to Magwinya – S/O to Magrigo – S/O to Xpoko – S/O to Fungi Maxonisa – S/O to Osman – S/O to Badu Lutande – S/O to Pa Lembo – S/O to Volrine – S/O to Bra Mateki – S/O to Frieza – S/O to Gomando (Tiger) – S/O to Catch’om – S/O to Rich Xiputsa – S/O to Mbhoma – S/O to Nyiko Mhefu – S/O to Mandla Black – S/O to Matiyani – S/O to Mathayithayi – S/O to Khangi – S/O to Sir Langu Bhaji – S/O to Boti Hebi – S/O to Xigawugawu

The Tsonga Trap Mixtape will be available for download kona kwala ka VIV Lifestyle.

Download C-SIDERS – The Lifestyle


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