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White people you need to progress yourselves

White people, you need to progress yourselves. You need to progress yourselves from the backward mentalities of racism. You need to learn to see people before you can see race and sure, certain stereotypes will remain but you need to understand how any or all of them keep you as limited as they are. Your racial approach to black people was wrong for so long, but I have to break it to you that it has gone from wrong to just sad and you need to elevate yourselves from that.

I am speaking to all of you, especially those that will want to be the exception to those that are racist. You might not be more racist than them, but you need to feel the most shame for who they are and scold them before any other black person can see them do or be that. You need to view them as the decay of all you stand for and adjust them just as you would adjust a family member’s tie just before they leave the house on a special day. You need to understand that the basis of the problem is your individualist approach when wrong is done, and your collective approach when the benefits of being white apply.

I am afraid we have rul out of heroes for this nonsensical approach of yours. We have run out of South’s Men for you to Lynch, No more Nelson Mandela’s for you to imprison for life. Move on, we don’t have any more Malcolm X’s or Martin Luther King’s to be assassinated for challenging this ridiculous mentality that could easily be synonymous to being white. Black people are all out of blood to spill for a stupid concept of anti-black supremacy. We are out of lives to lay down, we have run out.

Stop coming to our areas of living and discussing it like excursions to the zoo, stop taking photos at our squatter camps, or shabby schools and please stop it with patronizing us; it is annoying and offensive. We are not incapacitated, we were just under-privileged and inconvenienced, by you and your forefathers for generations. We too have said “Boo Hoo” to that and are in the process of reform. We will get there but between then and now, if you are not going to help, then stop being so fascinated. We are a bit more than just a conscious-clearing good cause. And please stop moving away when we move in, I can’t think of anything more racist than this. Stop showing all we do, all we lead, and all we govern over in bad light. It’s completely tasteless and symbolical of how you refuse to accept the damage you engineered in the past. We know we have been kept away from the best schools, the best areas to live, the best jobs and you certainly not comfortable with doing business with us unless if it’s for something in the townships or giving us a chance or paying a lousy amount.

I need to say to you, it is fine for you to keep being this way as it forces our backs into corners, but you have to get off your high horses; like white people are incapable of mistakes and will always be above par, that’s what got you in this mess in the first place. In the workplace stop moving the goal post, we know about the strategy, you don’t have to be fair in your approach, we understand you are incapable but please try be equitable. Unfortunately, we still need to leverage from you after a long history of being deprived of bare necessities in resources, education and as well as self-dignity. In suburbia, please stop moving as soon as a couple of us blacks buy houses down the road, you guys have had the best at our expense for a long time, we just trying to share in on that and most importantly improve our value of life. At school, we are not sure what you are teaching your kids, but if it comes to a point where you guys want to move white kids in their own classroom? Travel them in their own bus, and give them their own homework too; that is fine, but please distribute all resources equally, even though we understand you can’t help the variances. Remember our kids are taught vernacular, English and Afrikaans; they can handle this, they know more about your ways than you do about ours, they watch the PSL and the Premier league. Listen to Kwaito and pop music and can dance to both. They know how to swim and to play “mgusha” they are fine. They will stay fine; just give them an equal fighting chance especially because they are going to have to co-exist with your kids now and in the future.

White people, we don’t know what we ever did to you; I don’t think we should care. We admit, you came, you saw us, and you conquered us. You have to admit, you came you saw us, colonised us, enslaved and abused us. These are the facts; they apply to your race as well as ours. You can’t keep being oblivious to it. You are allowed to keep walking high, to keep holding the lift door when we exit (because you are superior so you have to practice some courtesy), to pay our bill when we are all out, and to keep being condescending in both approach and speech because your logic is superior to ours. We will keep cringing to it, but we’ll take it. What you are not allowed to do is to remain oblivious of the simple fact that you have all the benefits, and reaped all the rewards, got all the resources and you now expect us to compete equally. That is just mental illness.

White people you just need to progress yourselves and rid us of the shame of being co-earthlings with you. But what do I know, I am just a black person, a negro, a nigger, a Kaffir but this, this is just pathetic…

Featured Image: Pixabay

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